Xi Jinping’s visit to the U.S.

President Xi Jinping of China, accompanied by his wife and other senior officials, arrived in Seattle on Tuesday, September 22. Seattle is the major city in Washington State which is the American state that exports more to China with an important commercial and cultural ties among USA and Asia-Pacific market. There are several companies on Seattle with world-class technology as Microsoft, Amazon, and Boeing, thus, this city ranked on second place on America’s high-tech after Silicon Valley. Also, in Seattle is located the coffee franchise Starbucks which sees China as its major overseas market. On Wednesday 23, Xi Jinping will visit Boeing’s plant in Seattle which has signed two important agreements: to purchase 300 airplanes 737 over the next five years and to establish a plant of such company in China in order to perform finishing and distribution processes.

Loyal to his tradition of great politician, Xi Jinping begins his important visit to the United States promoting the economic and commercial points where the two major nations have good relationships, relegating those with strong conflicts to the wayside:

  1. The construction of China military facilities in the South Sea and cybersecurity, because the United States considers Chinese hackers are responsible for the access to the secret data from the Office of Personnel Management of the United States Government divulging around 20 million data. As well, they broke into business of great corporations and State enterprises where five Chinese officers, spies of their government, broke into US Steel Corp, Alcoa Inc., and Westinghouse Electric Co, and other large corporations operated by Washington.
  2. The vast majority of American businesses operating in China (80%) fear their trade secrets are stolen, the lack of enforcement of intellectual property rights promotes in the near future to surrender their codes to Beijing or subject to invasive audits.
  3. For its part, China wants Washington support to pursuit its most important fugitives, some fled to the United States with their fortunes. One of them is Ling Wangcheng, brother of Ling Jihua, Chinese former official, who was captured by Jinping with corruption charges.
  4. Also, China has two important conflicts at this moment: its stock market has fallen by 40% since last June and its economic growth is slowing down rapidly. But China, than any other country in the world, holds more debt than the United States and could sell its Treasure bonds causing major problems to its neighboring Asians and extend them all over the world, as previously experienced in Canada and Brazil, as well as some large financial corporations of the United States.

It is obvious that Xi Jinping’s visit to the United States was not planned by the United States government that now it not only in the Middle East but now has many serious problems, but on all routes to South America, Africa, and Far East, because of the decline of the United States as a greatest power is remarkable. But, perhaps most serious than that complex geopolitical situation is the fragmentation of the internal political system, where there is nobody around to be able to reintegrate the fragments left by post-Ronald Reagan governments that thought the transnational wars could reunify the great economic force of the United States; and the only achievement was the self-destruction of the world’s most powerful nation.

And now, it have to accept its huge international discredit and the foolish renunciation of the use of capital savings in the economic production by the stupid idea of a few billionaires who decided to speculate to avoid taxes, do not have labor obligations nor ecological regulations.

As can be deducted from the visit of the Chinese President, problems of corruption, unrestrained pursuit of wealth and try to control the nation through the drafting of laws at the service of powerful are similar in both countries, with the advantage that China has no myths or beliefs in superior beings where a high percentage of Americans are still supported. But it is visible in both nations gradually science and technology are appropriating political and social universe. So old political structures built upon political and religious utopias are living their last years.

The only way to diagnose the immediate future of all nations is through the use of a technology as simple as the statistical science. Now, Christian families, their churches and their leaders are disappearing across the West; the moral conscience is no longer part of political minds, the family is transformed into something very difficult to define and to control, and only remain some artistic production residues that have not already been destroyed by the new digital world and trash mass media.

It seems that the great heroes of the immediate future will no longer Western nations which by military power have dominated for over two hundred years, but a new empire or several empires will emerge where there shall be no deadly weapons and will appear a new form of art and happiness to be enjoyed by all human beings with the same intensity and freedom.

Addendum: By coincidence, Xi Jinping’s visit coincided with Pope Francis’ I visit who represents a large sector of Western society which wants everything remains the same by divine grace through minor scenographic changes that do not disturb wealthy.