World Economy Heading towards Outer Space

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World Economy Heading towards Outer Space

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

Created on Thursday, July 21, 2016, 12:47

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According to recent publications by the journal Global Research, the global economy is now in a process of transformation and the billionaire elite are gradually destroying the old structures of the world economy while building the foundations of a new economy sustained in outer space. In early 2016 the world economy slowed dramatically, industrialized countries recorded GDP growth rates below 3% and there was a drop in all commodity prices. But very soon the leading investment banks began to experience significant declines, both in the United States and Europe, which appeared to be symptoms of another major crisis like the one in 2008.

According to Michel Chossudovsky from Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization, this collapse of the global economy is related to a plan by the ruling elite to change the old economic paradigm that is still working now and to sustain it in outer space. He says that the elite want to reduce the world’s population so that there will be enough food for all those living on the planet, and those who, according to demographic studies, will be living here in the next few years.

In the 1990s investors emptied the coffers of the G-7 countries formed by Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Japan and the UK, and invested those resources in emerging economies. And twenty years later there are all kinds of speculative bubbles, property investments, financial derivatives, commodities, etc., so that the financial world is about to explode. According to experts from Global Research this ‘de-industrialization,’ combined with GDP rates close to zero and demand destruction globally, is part of this great plan by the elite, but for many people it may just be a conspiracy theory.

Global Research notes that the clearest example of this phenomenon is Detroit, a US city which for half a century was like the lung of the US economy; today it looks like a mere shadow of a dead city with only the zombies missing. But the elite want the entire planet to become a Detroit, a situation that is already happening in many parts of the world, such as Southern Europe, in the Mediterranean countries and in the Middle East.

This means that the world is stuck in a global economic crisis. If this does not change, the elite will use this crisis to change the paradigms of today’s society. Although the plans for economic policy of the great powers appear to be divergent and the US Fed raised interest rates in December 2015, while central banks in Europe and Japan lowered their rates soon after, that difference does not really exist because the elite have been running the world for several hundred years now and they never make that type of mistake.

According to Global Research, those seemingly different elements are only a façade manipulated by the elite, because from 2008 to the present, central banks have lowered interest rates on more than 634 occasions without achieving sustained economic recovery. So while they are dismantling the global economic system they are creating a new economic system based on business generated by outer space (a space-based economy) where there will be satellites, intelligent communication systems, global positioning systems (GPS), drones, etc. As a result, the new economic paradigm of the world will move into outer space.

Right now there is a radical change in economic model and those who control this change will control the world, while they are dismantling the old structures of the world economy with their little charades. In this process of radical change the role played by the major powers has been very important. Before the fall of the USSR there was a bipolar world; after the fall of the Berlin Wall it became a unipolar world led only by the United States, and now we live in a multipolar world which includes the BRICS, the CELAC, the Bolivarian Alliance (ALBA), UNASUR, etc.

In addition, the countries that are now doing best are the ones that have decided to join the AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) under the leadership of China, and so there is no longer any totally independent nation. All nations of the world today, without exception, are part of a globalized world. But the great goal of the elite to build a global economy sustained in space has not changed because all economic surpluses are being used in this grand project which requires billions in investment. And probably within a decade they will manage to conquer the moon and Mars with their natural resources.

Finally, Global Research indicates that in the process of dismantling the current economy the elite are using oil to destroy powers such as Russia and Saudi Arabia, and even oil companies in the United States and other countries with oil-based economies such as Venezuela.

Addendum: In today’s world there are two different generations: the generation of old people who are analog – as in my own case – and the generation of young people who are digital. The analogs are over age 50 and grew up in a different world, so now they have a hard time assimilating the new technologies. Then there is the push of young people against the established order using the new technologies and this is a decisive factor in the future of the world, which the elite have still not managed to control.

For centuries the elite have sought to impose their world domination project at all costs. However, already well into the 21st century, new technologies and new media could save Humanity from their centuries-old domination. It is very surprising to learn that most of the 2 billion mobile phones in the world today are to be found in countries like China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Iran and even in countries where there is no hot water or sanitation systems people are very up to date with the new technologies.

So the elite cannot brainwash those who are not connected to traditional media and this could save theworld from permanent domination by the elite.