Without Hypocrisy there’s No Politics

Without Hypocrisy there’s No Politics

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

Groucho Marx said that ‘politics is the art of looking for problems, finding them everywhere, misdiagnosing them and applying the wrong remedies’. The black humor of this great American comedian of the 1930s gives us a very accurate description of what happens when there is a total lack of hypocrisy in someone, such as the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, who was elevated to a high political office by a real coincidence.


This situation has come about because of the obsolete US electoral system that has not been reformed since the late eighteenth century when there were only two political groups fighting over territorial possessions: the antiquated Quakers fleeing from Ireland and Scotland because their countrymen no longer tolerated their religious radicalism and, on the other hand, the practitioners of Freemasonry who had inherited the culture of the Enlightenment and combined it with the myths of Freemasonry in order to liberate their fledgling country from the English.


However, both groups agreed that the territories of the new American nation could not be given to the indigenous people living there when they arrived because, by divine design, they had no soul and just a small brain that only allowed them to perform manual labor and serve the white immigrants. The gods of these immigrants had supposedly bestowed on them the privilege of showing the rest of humanity the path to follow to achieve the material success that should be the ideal of all those chosen by the God of Reason, and at the end of their lives they would get a comfortable air-conditioned space in the divine kingdom of heaven.


In fact, the mythological, religious and xenophobic ideas of the first settlers who arrived from Europe persist in President Trump’s head to a large extent, although unfortunately he, unlike Washington or Jefferson, did not have that little bit of hypocrisy that would have allowed him, with some political effort, to be accepted by all. And moreover, like Lincoln, he would have been able to add a little moral conscience to his political skill so that he would give a little freedom to the indigenous people and turn them into free beings at the service of the powerful whites, although for that to happen it took almost 100 years of the nation being divided into two factions fighting and killing each other.


There is no doubt that President Trump has all the basic characteristics of white people, the Anglo Saxons who were the foundation of the American nation, and somehow he positioned himself in the forefront of this group for several decades because of both his personal way of communicating with the public, and his ability to achieve material success through a sui-generis manipulation of the losses and profits of his many different companies. The result is that the US Treasury still has not managed to figure out his strategy and says that so far it does not know how he has managed to hide his numerous business and financial dealings.


Now that he has surrounded himself with wealthy Anglo-Saxon whites and the most powerful Jews on Wall Street, it is thought that no one can remove him from his position in the short term. But his big problem is that because of his total lack of hypocrisy he has not been able to assimilate the concept of national security from the point of view of the agencies engaged in the ‘state terrorism’ that has been the basis of US engagement with the rest of the world through its main agencies, the NSA, the CIA and the FBI, in addition to the 14 other official agencies and those owned by the Pentagon ‘hawks’. So they can’t leave a character who is uneducated and totally devoid of hypocrisy in the country’s highest political position to manage the world’s most powerful ‘state terrorism’ apparatus with more than 600 agencies installed in territories all over the world and with a budget exceeding the total budget of all the major world powers.


It is obvious that it will be very difficult for Trump to control the intrigues that come out of not just the intelligence agencies, but from the very US government offices run by people committed to institutional policy, official transnational agencies, and diplomatic arrangements of most countries in the world. It is possible for this individual to remain in the position without really being the one governing the US because of the complex apparatus that the world’s most powerful state has created, with its maze of institutions, judges, political agencies and a bureaucracy that provide extreme protection for its top leaders. And that’s how most of the so-called Western democracies operate, albeit with less complexity than the United States.


Addendum: It is reasonable for many countries to be concerned about what Trump does or doesn’t do, but the truth is that even though he looks like a very dangerous political leader, everything is very relative. One only has to bear in mind that, as expected, nothing has happened and nothing has been resolved in the cases of Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, Germany, Syria, Turkey and Japan to realize that Trump as an individual will have little or no influence on the immediate future of human society today.

The real problem of human society is not Trump, nor the total public debt of Western countries amounting to 200 trillion dollars, but the $1.4 trillion in unbacked currency circulating around the world, which the great emporiums of speculative capital like Morgan Stanley have been appropriating and including in their fake assets. That Bubble (with a capital b) must explode sooner or later, completely destroying the present world order and the supremacy of the United States.