United Emirates of America

United Emirates of America

Written by Alfonso Elizondo



In a clear summary of the current global crisis, perhaps the two most notable events would be America’s dramatic withdrawal yesterday, June 1, from the last Paris agreement on climate change reached last December, and the total dysfunctionality of the OAS during its last meeting in Brussels to try to resolve the political conflict in Venezuela. Both events point to the final end of the current world order.


At the same time, there’s still the terrible problem that started several years ago in the Middle East, spreading through North Africa from Morocco to the autocracy of Saudi Arabia and the dictatorships of the sultans around its shores to reach Afghanistan and Pakistan. This has led to a major territorial crisis, added to which are the endless war between the Jews, Iranians and Palestinians, as well as the creation of an anarchic terrorist state in that entire region that threatens all of Europe and half of Asia with war and migration.


As if all this were not enough to put an end to the current tottering world order, there’s also the provocative attitude of the United States. According to data provided a few days ago by William Robinson, distinguished professor of sociology at the University of Southern California at Santa Barbara, the US has doubled its military budget this year without any justification and increased its military presence all over the world, returning to their twentieth-century idea of being masters of the world because of their military strength, and thinking that they will still be the police and owners of law and justice for the entire world.


This situation becomes even more complex with the speculative attitude of the Russians, which dates back to the days of tsarism. They still believe that they are right to supply weapons, hydrocarbons and military services to the countries of that region which lack the defense capacity to survive. At the same times these countries do not have the productive capacity to feed their population or to generate enough income to run their state bureaucracy which is linked to evil and powerful businessmen, and which cannot produce the necessary commodities to operate the industrial and military facilities that have been their only source of income for almost a century. And something similar is happening with Turkey, whose head of state is creating an autarchic system similar to that of the Russians, allowing him to be funded through the ethnic, military and religious conflicts of that region.


There is no doubt that the most important geopolitical circumstance in the entire Western world at the present time is that all the nations of that region of the world are trying to return to their past, as if such a thing were possible. All the countries of the West want to rebuild a world that certainly thrived for almost two hundred years. They think that there is no other reality than the reality of law and justice based on reason, individual freedom of thought and the sinecures and eternal inheritance that gave humans the first land ownership during the Neolithic period.


Even the illustrious people of France where the first democratic, representative and autonomous state was established, have not been able to leave this utopia behind. Now that this model of the state has been given over to a young man without any ideology at all, who decided to issue invitations to all existing movements, including the most conservative and the left-wing radicals, he has not and will not be able to create a new model of a democratic, autonomous State because he has assembled old politicians and thinkers and he does not understand that in the new digital world, as has always happened in the evolution of the world, it’s young people who should take the reins of government.


It is obvious that for people who were shaped by the myths of the Western model of the State there are no other forms of human coexistence that are more effective and more moral than those they know. But they don’t realize that all the basic concepts of the model have collapsed in the face of advances in science and technology, so much so that the nations that achieved the greatest material success in the last two centuries instinctively controlled their population, and now their entire community barely represents 23% of the world’s population, if one includes the population of Latin America and the Caribbean.


At the moment no one remembers that violence has always been the historical formula used by human society to achieve coexistence, nor does anyone remember that everyone thought the transfer of physical and mental torture to divine powers is, even today, part of the mechanism that allows man to live in society with other humans. It seems that in the digital world there is greater control of the emotions and interpersonal relationships become less problematic with the gradual disappearance of the painful relationships between human beings created by the long era of the monogamous heterosexual couple in Western nations.


Addendum: There is no doubt that right now a new stage in human civilization is beginning, where there will be new ethical, political and social paradigms created no longer in the West, but in China, the major power whose cultural, political and social myths are completely different from those of the West. We are only familiar with the limited and prejudiced view disseminated by the US media that still controls all information for Latin America.