Trump’s Latest Show

Trump’s Latest Show

Written by Alfonso Elizondo


From an objective analysis of the behavior of the current president of the United States we can conclude that he is not the case of a complete lunatic, but an individual who emerged in ‘show business’ where he was always the central figure. So his individual interests, his megalomania and his narcissism were always the basis of his prolonged material success, with no regard for moral conscience, personal ethics or relationships with other human beings. So he has never had a collective vision that was not intimately related to his personal or family businesses.

This leads to the thought that his recent performance in Helsinki, in which he praised Putin and treated him as the current nucleus of global geopolitics, could be another of his tricks in a life in which he could never accept a specific ideology, a religion or a cultural model where morality and truth predominate. It would not be strange if in another few days or weeks he were to declare that all this had been a ‘show’ to make Putin believe that he had won and was the greatest political leader at the moment.

All the reactions that he has caused in his country’s political apparatus, all the contradictions that he generated in his own countrymen and the confusion existing among all the countries that had been traditional US allies could end in an instant with the posting of one of his famous tweets that he writes from his IPhone, although at the moment the mass media all over the world and all the global political institutions are yet to get over their shock.

In fact, all these contradictions and speculations created by his meeting with Putin have not been reflected at all in the concrete facts of his political, military and financial activity in the rest of the world. All his military bases worldwide have been reinforced, all his climate control facilities and all the embassies and representatives that he has on the Planet have multiplied, his staff has increased as well as the financial resources available to them.

Fortunately, all this information about the US military, health and financial facilities is available to every country in the world and can be verified immediately. In fact, the Pentagon itself is pleased to publicize this situation on a daily basis with a view to ​​pressuring the other powerful countries to use their surpluses to carry out similar functions, assuming that this formula is the only one possible to make the world grow in peace, controlling its population and its extreme poverty, since it will never be possible to eliminate from the Earth the kind of poverty that allows one to survive without pain and without hunger, which has been clearly documented by History since the emergence of agricultural activity around the year 9000 B.C.

Although no nation in the world today has publicized or disseminated in any way its myths and beliefs, through stories written with words or symbols, monuments, sculptures and images that have lasted thousands of years it can be proven that all the major empires and social groups believe that it was their ancestors who created the institutions for humanity to coexist in peace for so many centuries.

Addendum: All the major political leaders of the current world share this same idea with the only difference being their ethnic origin. But only the most ignorant and presumptuous, as in the case of Trump, end up believing that the past can be recreated in the present and that they can choose, without any restriction, the periods that benefited them individually.