End of the Global Economy

End of the Global Economy

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

The most visible events of the trade war between China and the United States will not lead, as many believe, to the identification of which empire or nation will control all of the current world, but will instead lead to a total breakup of existing social groups that will do damage to the human species and to the political, economic and social organizations that have been trying to control them for more than two hundred years.


Most of the leading experts in economics and finance believe that this breakup will not only cause problems for small or developing nations, but will be an unprecedented event in the modern world where all nations, cultural groups and transnational companies, without exception, will be hurt. And it is very likely that not only will the precarious world order existing since the end of World War II disappear, but all weak or developing nations will disappear and be controlled by the big empires and powerful nations, similar to what happened during the colonial period. A new form of slavery and an economic model will be established that will not be controlled by any legislative formula or huge military system.


As we move into the 21st century, we see that the economic model that emerged in the late eighteenth century in Europe and North America has stopped working and every day the number of poor is increasing, the middle class is getting weaker, health problems are growing, cultural levels are declining and there is an empowering of the billionaire elites who for centuries have controlled the human race, believing that this design has a divine origin, although the historical facts clearly show that this view emerged way back in the Neolithic period when agricultural activity started and with it the establishment of the right to the possession and inheritance of landed property, which is still the cause of the vast majority of the conflicts in human society.


In order to sustain this great myth, the big empires and nations had to create a system of judicial, police and prison laws that are still in force and that are becoming more cruel, xenophobic and discriminatory as time passes, coming closer to the true moral conscience of the human being that pushes him away from love, fraternity and equality, as demonstrated in recent decades with the emergence of the new neural, biological, anthropological sciences and advanced mathematics.


Most of the top leaders of today’s world still belong to a generation whose world view not only does not contemplate great changes, but that thinks that it is possible to return to the past to reconstruct its moments of success. Fortunately for human beings of the medium future, those who will occupy the top positions in the new society will be the millennials, who already belong to a new generation that does not want to live subject to ancestral rules, but are seeking total, physical and mental liberation.


It is obvious that the process of transformation of the current world is complicated and there will always be social groups or nations trying to stop any type of change, but the evolution of the human race will continue for many more centuries until homo sapiens disappears from the face of the Earth.


Addendum: There is no doubt that the most notable and visible change in the new human society will be in the method used to produce goods and services that constitute its economic model, and the financial, monetary and banking elements that regulate its internal and external trade, in addition to the judicial, police and prison formulas that allow it to support a new formula of the State.