After the incredible victory of Trump in the past ‘Super Tuesday’ electoral processes, it is a fact that the magnate, comedian and xenophobe will be the winning candidate for the Republican party to run for presidency of the United States and thereisvery little chance for his own party colleagues to create a formula to discredit him and cast him out of the more conservative political party of the United States, although thereisnews that Romney, who run for president four years ago will try to do so in a few days. There are two major problems that Trump’s candidacy is causing to those who are the true owners of economic and political power of the United States at the moment. 


The first of these problems, according to the controversial Wall Street investor Jim Cramer, is that if Donald Trump came to become the president of the United States, the major companies that deal with foreign operationswouldsuffer a huge drop in sales.This because his campaign is marked by his position on foreign, immigration, new taxes to foreign producers, militarization around the Chinese territories, measures against violations of intellectual property and the limitation of visas for all foreigners.So these strategies would be terrible for international companies such as Starbucks, General Electric, Disney, etc.


The second and most dangerous problem is that Trump has taken on himself toanalyse in depth the Federal Reserve, since it has been run by Democrats in the last ten years.  Trump is tryingtoexplain to middle class Americans how financial traders are deceiving them and reminds them of Obama’s speech before the last election, who won with the motto ‘Occupy Wall Street’ with which he asked the average Americantogo around Wall Street and investigate what this elite makes with the money they get form the average American’s savings.


Accordingtothe expert in economics and Russian journalist for the  ‘Suodódnaya Press’ website, since the Wall Street forces pushed for the creation oftheCentral Bank of the United States just over a hundred years ago (1913), the value of the US dollar has fallen about 98% and the national debt has increased by more than 5000 times.Therefore he considers that if today we decide to return to the interest rate of 6.62% that existed in January 2000,theUnited States would be paying a billion dollars in pure annual interest on the national debt.


Last February 23rd Trump stressed the importance of auditing the Federal Reserve and last August he criticized the artificial low interest rate of the Central Bank American who had remained close to zero since the crisis in 2008.Itseems that Trump does not want to become President of the United States in a time of transition to a purely speculative capitalist society. For this reason he is proposing to audit the Fed and so avoiding unfair criticism in the future should he become the President of USA.


Accordingtothe US economic analyst Michael Snyder, the Federal Reserveisnot even part of the Federal Government but is an independent and private central bank which was designed by the highest Wall Street tycoons little over a hundred years ago and is the heart of financial system based on a public debt created by them; which is in fact like a cancer that is destroying the United States. Snyder says that the existence and role of the Fed today is no longer indispensable, because the best period of economic growth in the United States when creating money, which was required, took place just in the decades before its creation in 1913, so its actual existence is unwarranted.


As the renowned economist Paul Krugman says, thereisno doubt that what Trump says is true regarding the massive fraud carried out by the Fed to keep taxpayers’ money, supposedly to pay national debt they themselves created with the massive emission of reserves of gold, of material goods or properties.But it will be very difficult, if not impossible,tocast out the political power of the United States who founded the great Wall Street billionaires in a country where democracy is done through votes that can be purchased with money.


Nor it is possible to control the families of billionaires who are engaged in the business of weapons and energy, who now have been associated with the criminal economy and that of other countries, such as China, Russia, Germany and France, who continuetoproduce weapons with new concepts and uses for a new global society, and where the bankruptcy of large states is creating a new market for bounded wars in more confined spaces and even with some degree of individualism.


Addendum: The most significant of these electoral processes in the United States is that regardless of who will arrive to reach presidential power, the real political power will continueto be in the hands of small elite families who managedtocreate a private Central Bank with the ability to generate discretionary money, charge interest on that money and withdrawitwhen they see fit to transformitinto real estates or material goods, luxuries and wealth.