Towards a Chaotic Future


 At the moment there is a complex social and political phenomenon of global proportions that points towards an immediate future full of enigmas and contradictions. On the one hand, the population of the Planet has been concentrated on the Asian continent and in the poorest nations on the other continents. The economic system, trade and finance have changed course and it is clear that a new social class is taking over political power and global wealth to the detriment of the billionaires of the Davos Forum who had controlled that power for a little more than a century without any concern for the growing sector of the dispossessed and human beings living in conditions of extreme poverty.


The most visible elements of this new stage in human existence are the gradual disappearance of industrial production, the current chaos in the financial and monetary system, the non-existence of a global body capable of controlling diplomatic relations and of an international order that can reduce existing tensions and lead the world to peaceful coexistence. At the same time there are two very dangerous phenomena throughout the world: the complex process of migration to Europe stemming from the war in Syria, the Turkish conflict and the terrorist Islamic state (ISIS). There are also countless places where an uncontrollable international war could start: the Middle East region, Ukraine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the South Pacific Maritime Zone, any region in Africa and several areas in Latin America and the Caribbean.


But the two most troubling facts of all are the election of a new President in the United States who lacks the slightest political experience and who is a psychopath whose only view of the world is to display his power and his stupidity through the systematic dissemination of lies and ‘post-truths’ on TV shows. This is in addition to his belief that the world will continue to be controlled by the United States because he is putting together a cabinet of billionaires, old hawks of the military system and the most fascist and reactionary members of the American upper class, provided they are of Anglo-Saxon origin.


The second major fact has been that President-elect Donald Trump has based his electoral victory on external support from Russia through the hacking of social networks and his stupid and unnecessary declaration that China was the main enemy, when everyone knows that for just 40 years now this great nation has been growing at an unprecedented rate and has managed to develop a huge middle class of more than 500 million people, tripling the entire middle class of North America and Europe combined. So in a few years China will be the undisputed leader of the whole world.


Added to this chaotic scenario is the very serious problem of climate change, with the decision – already taken – by the Trump cabinet to disregard information from national and international experts on this issue and to continue with fracking until complete energy autonomy is achieved, and the even worse idea of ​​promoting energy from fossil fuels and coal mines that could bring the world to an apocalyptic end in just another few years.


Addendum: Despite the fact that most of the predictions by large companies and agencies professionally dedicated to the study of economics, finance, stock exchange operations, wealth generation and the development of new technologies are optimistic about the first months of Trump’s performance combined with that of Merkel and Japan, the reality is that most of the money circulating around the world is part of the criminal economy or of tax havens where great wealth, whether ill-gotten or earned legitimately, is hidden.

And until further notice, the whole world will continue to be run by those who own the greatest wealth, as has always been the case in the history of human civilization since the Neolithic period, unless either China or India invents a new system.