The New Mythology of the United States

The New Mythology of the United States

Written by Alfonso Elizondo


There is still no understanding of the complex social and political phenomenon that has led to the stagnation of the US economy, the large deficits caused by the failure of its wars abroad, the empowerment of big transnational companies in the global management of finance and trade, the growth of a political elite that only promotes its personal interests and the activities of a high hierarchy of military men and of owners of agencies financed by the State that have military power and mercenaries, and also control food, medical and all types of entertainment services for the countless installations and American military agencies set up overseas.


Out of all this jumble that developed in the last few decades of the dying American empire the only thing left has been a kind of political phenomenon known as the ‘alt- right’, whose greatest success was the management of the political campaign of the current president, Donald Trump. In this amorphous political group with no visible leadership, you will find both detractors on the left and ultra-right conservatives, sworn enemies of the Jews and of immigrants, including Muslims, blacks, latinos, Central and South Americans, Japanese, Arabs and ethnic groups worldwide who are not Anglo-Saxon whites.


However much one tries to frame this strange ‘alt-right’ political movement as an ideology, no one has been able to identify a specific purpose in it, apart from its cultivation of hatred, xenophobia, megalomania and its dissociation from all conventional formulas for social coexistence. In fact, they still display a strong tendency towards machismo and the devaluation of women and against any expression of ethical, religious or cultural values. They also have a new formula for family life that allows all kinds of marital relationships and abolishes most of the emotions that used to be part of the lives of human beings.


Although a version of this political phenomenon exists in Europe, it is quite different from the American movement, in addition to having many emphases, depending on the ethnic and cultural character of the different European nations. So it seems that with this movement there will be no escaping the total fragmentation of the European Union, the bailout of its monetary and financial system, and moreover it will not strengthen the international organizations that form part of the current world order, such as the UN, NATO, WTO and IMF, as well as agencies seeking to enforce fundamental human rights and deal with climate change and the control of drugs and medicines worldwide.


What is most disconcerting about this new Western political phenomenon is that the US leaders (Bannon and Trump) still have no idea of ​​their real ability to influence current potential international crises such as migration from the Middle East and Africa to Europe, the conflict between Syria and Islamic State, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the problem with Iran. Added to these are the problems in the Philippines, with North Korea, in the Pacific Islands where China has control and in the trade route of countries that border the Pacific Ocean (TPP), just to mention the most visible conflicts.


So it is quite possible that a large-scale military conflict might erupt any moment now, even though the three great powers that are trying to balance American military power – China, Russia and India – have shown that their political and military leaders are very restrained and are avoiding confrontations that could be the beginning of a World War III, of very short duration but of apocalyptic proportions because of the use of nuclear power.


Addendum: There is no doubt that a new world order will soon be created, where the United States will no longer be the one to impose conditions on all the nations of the world, but at least one triumvirate will be formed with China, Russia and India as key leaders. There will, however, be Western nations such as Germany, France and England that will not be dissociated from the new world order, as well as fascist nations, such as Japan and Israel that will look for ways to not be isolated and to get protection.