The Impeachment of Trump

The Impeachment of Trump

Written by Alfonso Elizondo


For almost three years in the position of President, Trump has been the most polarizing figure in the United States, always caught up in toxic policies, punishing his enemies and undermining democratic institutions. He has maintained his real estate business despite what the Constitution states, in addition to many more dirty tricks in his personal life.


Yesterday, Wednesday, December 18, the House impeached Trump on two basic grounds: ‘abuse of power and obstruction of Congress’. It then sent the case to the Senate to make its judgment.


Today, Thursday 19, the debate will begin in the House and is likely to last all day before a possible vote. Tomorrow, Friday 20, when the time comes for the vote, the House will deal with the two articles of impeachment separately and then adopt a procedural measure to decide what will happen next. It will appoint managers of the impeachment and transmit the articles to the Senate.


What follows is a very complicated process and nobody has any idea of ​​how it will end. Right now everything is in the hands of the Democrats.

Addendum: No one knows how this dangerous event will end for the life of the richest country in the world.