The Current World


The Current World


Written by Alfonso Elizondo


Several decades ago, the West deviated from democracy and ended up without the philosophers who used to show the way forward for the State. Perhaps the last philosopher to influence the younger generations was Herbert Marcuse, who inspired the changes of May 68 in France. This impasse occurred not only in Europe, but on all continents.


There is no State policy right now to inspire anyone. Everything is tarnished by cheating, corruption, betrayals, fraud, broken contracts, spurious alliances and an endless list of dishonest attitudes.

Meanwhile, China has created a new global empire in which it is attempting to be the main banker controlling a large number of countries around the world without using military violence and nuclear weapons. Something similar is happening with India, although it is not trying to extend its control beyond the usual territorial spaces and it has a standard of living that is much lower than that of the rest of the world.

In short, in addition to the rich Western countries, China and India want to control the world today, each with their own mythology and culture, while a new planetary universe is being built in a climate where global warming is increasing very rapidly.

So right now only an evolutionary world is visible where human beings want to return to their origins when their only concerns used to be survival in a hostile world and the conservation of their species.

Addendum: Although the human beings today value new paradigms that are very different from those of primitive human beings, it is clear that right now we are going through a stage of very profound changes in the structure of human society. With the onslaught of the digital world it does not allow us to see reality, since we always used to link it to the past while now we can only see today and maybe a little bit of tomorrow.