Crucial Events of 2020

Crucial Events of 2020

Written by Alfonso Elizondo


1.- The November presidential election for the next 4-year term in the United States. In addition, eleven states will hold elections for governors. The main forecasting agencies: Cook Political Report, Inside Elections, Sabato’s Crystal Ball, 270 to Win and Politico agree that Trump’s victory will be overwhelming with more than 332 votes – many more than the 270 required to win.


2.- In the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson won an absolute majority in Parliament and will leave the European Union on January 31. This will be followed by an agreed 11-month transition period to establish their future relationship.

3.- CNN en Español will go to the Las Vegas Convention Center to attend the world’s largest consumer technology fair, CES 2020, between January 7 and 10.

4.- There will be a Copa América competition that will take place in Colombia and Argentina. Tokyo will host the Summer Olympics without the participation of Russia, which has been banned. It will be the first time in the history of the Olympics that it will have its own satellite in orbit to mark the holding of the games.

5.- There will be elections in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

Addendum: Everything indicates that 2020 will be a crucial year for the entire world and that without a doubt human society is moving rapidly towards a more just, cleaner and more peaceful world.