New Technologies (IV)

New Technologies (IV)

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

Cell phones have become indispensable personal devices. Mobile phone use is higher than the use of landlines and is perceived as an indicator of social status.

Most current mobile phones have WAP browsers to access the Internet but they are somewhat slow. Combined with other tools such as GPS, they can offer basic services at user location as well as user personalization (choosing usage profiles).

So marketing and sales tools based on the mobile phone and SMS or MMS that are called ‘marketing’ tools can increase revenue and build customer loyalty for most companies in the world today.

Finally, several companies have focused on mobile marketing solutions market with tools aimed at boosting the business of companies that design and market m-marketing products that allow SMEs to do things to control and promote their products via the mobile phone. So it is very likely that its use will increase considerably very soon.

Addendum: It is an undeniable fact that we are living at a time when new technologies of communication and science are what drive the political, economic, social and cultural life of human society, where there is a broad trend towards living in peace because the facts have shown that wars have a cost that sooner or later will be paid by the countries that initiated them.