God bless America

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God bless America

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

Created on Friday, 29 July 2016; 13:37

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For those who have not had the experience of living in the United States for extended periods to be able to share or at least perceive the collective thinking and concept of life of Americans, the complicated media events preceding the current presidential elections in November barely give a vague idea about both their peculiar way of thinking and the complexity and high costs of their judicial, police and decentralized prison systems that allow very different ethnic groups to live together with a high level of social services and public safety.


Among the main elements of the collective thinking of Americans are the most primitive notion of the family as formed by two people of different sexes, a high degree of religiosity, without much consideration for its origin, a keen sense of private property, a permanent right to think and express their individual way of thinking without infringing on the rights of others and the idea that human beings should have a natural tendency to rise above the circumstances of their domestic and social life. However, this way of thinking fails to understand that this requires living in a society that is not centralized, and also entails governments, with very high operating costs, meeting the specific demands of each sector and associating with the people with the greatest economic power.


These are the reasons why administrations that have achieved a high level of political control in the United States have been associating for a little over two hundred and forty years with the leading families or business groups that control the different branches of wealth generation, including the owners of central banks that print money, military and security contractors, those who are involved in energy generation, producers of high-powered weapons, entrepreneurs in the chemical industry, producers of GMOs, those in the food industry, in the business of pharmaceutical drugs, medical products and hospitals, those in the life and health insurance industry, those who are in the business of education, fashion or sports, new high-tech groups in digital communication enterprises, and now those who are seeking to control the resources that exist in outer space.


This indirect fragmentation of the American state has allowed governments try to focus their efforts on certain regions of the country where there is a good relationship between the President, the judicial or legislative branch and bankers, businessmen and the powerful. Right now Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton has gained control of key blocs to ensure that she which wins the presidency next year and to preserve the power of the Pentagon, Wall Street, private military and security companies which supply services to military installations in countless countries around the world, producers of weapons for use by the Army and private individuals, plus transnational corporations that control much of the trade in the Pacific Ocean. Added to these are the tax havens within the United States and in various regions of the world that control much of the money in circulation that has no legitimate basis and goes to feed the criminal economy or the hidden fortunes of the great magnates.


It is obvious that despite Obama’s incredible performance in rescuing the country from the huge crisis caused by Bush’s stupidity and ambition, this was not enough and there is still a large number of Americans who have seen their income fall to a level below the middle class and who think they will never again move up on the social ladder as long as the same institutions continue to function as usual. That is why they have been listening to the stupidity and lies of Trump, the Republican candidate who has used brilliant manipulation of television to convince a good number of potential voters that a clown, who inherited a fortune from his father and kept it by cheating his associates and his employees, is now saying he knows how to run the country that is still the world’s economic and financial leader and owns the world’s most powerful military force.


Addendum: From my personal point of view, I will never accept the way of thinking of the main political leaders of the United States and I will be even less able to accept that military power has been the main determinant of its massive economic development. Neither do I have faith in the survival of the ideas that inspired the founding of the great American nation, which were a combination of the watered-down Christianity of the Quakers and the arrogance of the Freemasons who saw themselves as the creators of the New World Order.


I think Hilary Clinton has been a political figure who is typical of the American political system and who has been able to adapt to all its changes, although one should not forget that she is a woman with exceptional political intelligence who has been recognized by the Jews, Pentagon hawks and Wall Street bosses. But she completely lacks the popular support of the broad masses. It was evident that at the Democratic convention every effort was focused on seeking the popular vote using religious leaders, military men and artists who they believe can reach the masses. Let’s not forget the great Groucho Marx who said that the only ideological basis of US politics was hypocrisy.