Geopolitics Crisis Today



Europe now lives in constant anguish. Its high unemployment over the past eight years does not decrease, there is a noticeable seatback in its integration process, increasing xenophobia, euro is unstable, unwanted immigration from African countries is increased, Russian negative effects and threats to religious and cultural conflicts from North Africa and Middle East continue, besides Ukraine war. World now has more problems than Cold War and suffer greater instability than postwar period until the fall of Berlin wall in 1989.

United States lives in economic recovery in the high social class, but still within an internal political struggle which attempts to neutralize any situation that expect harm their traditional vital interests as do not pay taxes and do not contribute to social, medical,  and health services to lower-income social classes. Today, the two existing political factions can’t reach agreement for organizing the Middle East. According to the White House, that objective will achieve by moving chess pieces of regional geopolitics. Whether driving to Saudi Arabia, Israel or Iran to fight each other and does not depict a threat to the interests of the United States in that region.

In addition to this confusing process of control in the Middle East, which has been authorized and it is not even discussed before the international authorities, two relevant events in the region are performed: Egypt is doubling the capacity of the operation in the Suez Canal and increasing its income from 5 to 13 billion euros per year, besides a plan to attract of 20 billion euros of investments in a new free zone will generate one million of jobs.

While Saudi Arabia will continue to take action during an unknown period of time against of its own economic interests by maintaining a high level in its oil production. Even though it affects Russia and Iran the cost for doing is very high and affects its economy.

The called Islamic State is not an invented narrative to justify the fight against terrorism in the West, but a true nuclear bomb to conduct an eventual stabilization plan in the Middle East. If Islam in block is demonized continously, all the prospects for a solution of the problem will become more difficult. Only inter-religious dialogue between the countries of the region could help to solve the problem. Although for several years the United States is trying to solve the old problem of the Middle East in order to devoting to increasing conflicts in Far East, Russia, China, and United States to connect the question to Europe and they create the new “silk road” between Beijing and Berlin; Russia leads its influence by stimulating its arms companies and its struggle for the territory of Ukraine, while the United States seeks “wall off” China through its alliance with Tokyo and its unexpected and recent coalition with Vietnam.

Meanwhile, a paradoxical phenomenon occurs in Africa, since most of its countries grew due to good price of their basic raw materials, but their state economies are not developed, although a new middle class has emerged in most of Africa. This contradiction increases by balkanization process which Europeans made to pretend make them independent. So they created many countries such as those necessary to ensure the weakness of each one of them. Despite in main countries as Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt, and Libya nothing happens now and nothing will happen in the near future, in the facts they are still colonies under the total control of their old masters. 

Even though in Latin America aims to create a political and economic articulation between their main nations, in fact there are major problems, since Brazil, which is the head of all, experiencing an unprecedented political crisis to reorganize itself and strengthen the neoliberal political forces existed before the creation of the left with Lula, where the government of Washington tries to recover its old powers and its huge investments have been lost in a substantial percentage in relation to the new financial and economic transactions with China, Russia, and Germany; while Mexico, the second most important power in Latin America continues with its old mafia problems and social injustice of its structures, Argentina still does not resolve its political and economic model created by Kirchner, Colombia has not been able to solve the effects caused by its internal wars and Venezuela is now suffering the worst political and economic situation of Latin America with  dictatorship without ideas facing the leading countries of the West.

The only thing visible in all Latin America is its regional geopolitics in action does not have a specific ideology and there is a political, social, and cultural fragmentation unprecedented.  For held patents, business, resources, and territorial spaces, but in essence only material interests are defended.

Addendum: It is very difficult to try a geopolitics vision at global level, but there is no doubt that may be closer to reality than those that are made from a regional or national perspective.

Only to prepare a little in this respect, on August 6 in the leading newspaper of China (Xinhue) notes as unlikely that the China’s international currency (renminbi) will be in this year to form part of the group of currencies that can be used as an instrument of exchange in the world according to the IFM (International Monetary Fund).