Democracy Still a Myth

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Democracy Still a Myth

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

Created on Tuesday, November 22, 2016, 09:54

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Regardless of the historical period one is talking about, democracy has always been a myth and a permanent farce since it was first established in 300BC in the city of Athens, when its most influential political and moral leaders were Plato and Pericles. The only way Athenian citizens could participate in the political Agora was by leaving their domestic and family interests in the hands of their employees, the unpaid slaves who served them loyally.


However, this strange formula for the coexistence of the Athenian population was inspired by the dubious notion that when a decision was taken by a majority it was viewed as a clear expression of a collective truth of a divine nature. When Greek culture spread to the Western Roman Empire a few centuries later, this Athenian model of political coexistence became an absolute truth that was also sustained by the armed forces and official, sacrosanct laws.


The dissemination of these collective myths has continued up to the present time in much of the Western world, and no one has dared to question them, and for the most part they have been only slightly modified to perpetuate the transfer of political, economic and religious power without major challenges. In fact the most significant examination of this Western mythology was undertaken by the aristocrats of the Enlightenment in order to give the reigning monarch more time and opportunity to enjoy the unhealthy pleasures of life, while they created a complex bureaucratic system to suppress the problems of the people of the middle and lower classes.


At this point in time the validity of that myth of democracy has been revived in the US presidential election, where a small segment of the American people went to the polls a few days ago. In a slight modification of the myth, the position of President has been declared for Donald Trump, a narcissistic, egocentric, xenophobic and completely boorish psychopath, who not only represents a great danger to the peace and freedom of Americans, but is already creating a global crisis of enormous proportions.


The persistence of the obsolete principle of representative democracy is inconceivable; it is the preservation of a model from more than 200 years ago when the United States was a rural society and there were really only two political schools: on the one hand, that of the first settlers who came from Scotland and the United Kingdom and appropriated the national territory, stripping the native Americans of all their rights, and on the other, the alliance between Quakers and Freemasons who began to remove them from power based on the myth that their God of money  had granted them the privilege of showing the world the true pathway to access the world of freedom, equality and fraternity discovered by the geniuses behind the Enlightenment during the French Revolution.


Although an attempt is being made by the bureaucratic apparatus, the judicial system, the military and intelligence network, and the network of large transnational corporations in the world of finance, communication and the productive economy to control Trump, or at least constrain him in certain fundamental areas, such as the judiciary, intelligence and the military, the fact is that this individual has the same way of thinking as a large number of Americans and Europeans. Therefore it will be very difficult to avoid the immediate beginning of a period of instability in the entire world, which will be of great help to China in assuming full leadership of the new world order, not only in the area of finance, but in global trade, in the economy and in all geopolitical orders.


Addendum: If the Democratic opposition and the large clandestine forces of the Davos billionaires remain silent as they have up to now, nothing will prevent Trump from appointing the main ‘hawks’, far-right conservatives and a large number of his relatives and friends to the main positions of the Presidency in order to initiate immediately a kind of coup d’état under legal conditions that will cause enormous damage to the economy of the United States and the entire Western world. His idea is to take as much credit as possible from the state and pump it into the big companies that supposedly will create jobs for a large number of middle-class Americans and the economy will grow to the levels of the nineteen fifties and sixties.

If Trump is not controlled, he will achieve his main objective of privatizing the US economy and the disastrous effects will only begin to be seen after a couple of years when companies will have to pay their debts and will be in total crisis.