Conflict between China and West

Although in the world today, domain expression have been disappearing through the military power of the great powers, competition for economic, commercial, financial, technological, and scientific leadership has increased and it was quite clear that only two great powers compete for global leadership at this time the so-called Nations of the West and China. So it is interesting to investigate how they have been created both powers and the evaluation of its possibilities in the immediate future.

It is well known that at the end of the Second World War a few nations of the West stayed with transnational -more agencies control China as an observer- that determine the world order officially, such as UN, NATO, IMF, World Bank, and some other international agreements in the field of human rights, nuclear arms control, control of the environment (Kyoto Protocol) for the control of endemic diseases and widespread pests, etc. in fact, a few days ago, it was secretly signed an agreement to control  the trade, technology, intellectual property and the development of patents of all types known as TPP (Trans-Pacific Treaty) headed by USA to try to control the intense economic, commercial, and financial activity from China through the main Nations of that region in the Pacific.

In fact, all those transnational institutions has been cunningly infringed by the United States, Russia, and Western countries associated with the United States triggering discretionary wars, taking control of energy, basic raw materials, commodities, and territories on the poor nations in order to produce transgenic and food control. According to the most recent economic, commercial and financial data of China, it is likely that a global equilibrium between these two great powers has already built and a new world society may be started where the transnational bodies or entities which were created in the immediate future to control the world order become respected by all countries of the world, without exception.

In spite of it is more complicated, I will begin to summarize the “Westernization” process, which is an event of cultural assimilation relating to the change taking place within a society or culture, when they come into continuous contact with different social groups. Giving rise to cultural changes in both cultures. It might be said that “Westernization” has been a colonization process towards native, indigenous or non-Western ethnic groups. As any other cultural assimilation process can be forced or voluntary. It happened with French dominion over Indochina, Vietnam, Cambodia in 19th century. The same thing happened in India with England several centuries before and at the end of 18th century with the Native Americans when British first arrived.

According to the history, almost always, the colonial power used its warlike force to facilitate the exploitation processes, therefore language barriers and collective myths were emphasized. Then, the use of local languages was prohibited and it was trying to impose religion of colonizing nation. However, there are different degrees of domination, cultural destruction, resistance, survival, and adaptation to the culture when the different ethnic groups make contact each other.

According to the majority of colonialism analysts, the Western nations almost always try to reconstruct the original culture of the colonized nation according to their own vision of such culture and ignoring their own cultural models are inadequate to apply in countries outside of Western civilization. In order that readjustment of the collapsed culture is prejudiced way to see the foreign myths is named “subculturization” which predominates over all Western world right now.

On the other hand, the definition of Western culture is not conclusive and can harbor a large number of contradictory elements, even oppose each other and against fundamental ideology. According to its technological development it is the discrimination against East Europe and Latin America countries considered inferior to the United State, Canada and some countries of Western Europe.

According to the story known by West, in the 3rd century, Dicoletian established a system of government which divided into two the Roman Empire. After his death and the failure of this system, Constantine reunited the Empire in 324 and built Byzantium in 330. When Constantine became a Christian, he left Rome to the Christian Church. The Empire was divided into two in 395: byzantine in the East and roman in the West, later it fell in German hands in 476, and continued until 15th century.

The final division between East and West caused by schism in the Christian religion, at that time was the official religion of the empire. The faction of which See was Rome and claimed the location of the papacy in that city, while Byzantium would rebel creating a definitive schism in the Christian Church. While the Eastern churches remained in Byzantine territory and expanded towards Russia, the Western Church unexpectedly expanded to America.

As America was colonized by Western European powers, also it forms part of the called “Western world.” As well as Australia, New Zealand in Oceania, there nations claiming their historical condition of Western as well, such as Israel, Turkey, South Africa, and Philippines because it was Spanish colony and then the United States.

There are Westernized countries in Central and East Europe under the communist regime of Soviet Union and in similar conditions are the cases of Japan and Hawaii. In the most of Latin America countries there are strong European influences with catholic or protestant Christians and European ancestries. With a high level of European influence, there are Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Costa Rica; at a middle-level there are Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, and Mexico, while at low level of European influences remain Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador, and Central America.

The fundamental fact, apart from the colonization processes and disintegration processes of the religious myths, in all Western countries there is a common remain of the Christian Church as the most main element leading to political instability and the social fragmentation of all this huge part of the world.