Collapse of Capitalism

Collapse of Capitalism

Written by Alfonso Elizondo


Since the end of World War II when the US became the new global model of the State, the complexity of its government has grown very rapidly. In a very short time, a new type of state was formed involving the sponsors and creators of the two main political parties, as well as their leaders and legislators, judges at all levels, the heads of the Defense Department and the bosses and senior leaders of the main intelligence agencies (CIA, FBI and NSA) who very soon began to set up private organizations to serve the senior leaders. Using mercenaries and the military itself who went all over the world establishing a special model of state terrorism, these leaders carried out activities with a view to creating the enemies required by the US in order to exploit the natural resources of distant territories with good excuses and with the approval of current transnational authorities such as the UN and NATO.


After a century of operating under these conditions, the US economic, financial, and military apparatus has started to experience serious problems. For a long time it exploited its unipolar position when it owned the world, becoming bipolar only during the short period of the ‘Cold War.’ It has now begun to fall precipitously due to several clearly visible causes: the high cost of transatlantic wars left the state without the resources to continue investing in its industries and in its new technological developments; the most hawkish  officials at the Pentagon and intelligence agencies gobbled up most of the state’s budget and enriched themselves ruthlessly, multi-millionaires stopped paying taxes, large corporations moved to the Far East to avoid paying taxes, as well as meeting their obligations to employees and being responsible for the environment. This has led to a huge crisis of joblessness combined with a sharp drop in middle and working class income, which in turn has caused a lack of economic growth and deep division within the United States, in addition to complete alienation from the main European countries.


In the meantime, non-capitalist nations such as China, India and Russia and some pro-fascist countries like Japan are getting stronger, a new plural world order is being defined, filled with diplomatic tensions, threats of war and the fight over precious metals and territories that produce basic food.


In addition to the hatred caused by its bloody military activity around the world for more than a hundred years, there is the serious issue of its current leaders thinking that the United States it is still the leader of the world. This underlines the very critical problem that for several decades the country’s economy has stopped growing for the simple reason that generations of bold, creative Americans have become adults who can no longer work and are just looking for a good physical space to spend their last days or, for the very rich, to show off their wealth. The new generations have a different worldview; they are seeking, not financial success like their predecessors, but a certain degree of physical and intellectual freedom that allows them not to be citizens of a single country and to have certain patterns of family and domestic life that make them a burden to the state.


Unfortunately, the country’s current maximum leader wants Americans to go back to being the way they were fifty or a hundred years ago through the work of pure Anglo-Saxon, white-skinned men, disregarding the ethnic groups of immigrants who used their manual skills to bring about the great progress they once made.


Apart from its new political leadership, according to Forbes analysts, the worst speculative bubble since the 2000-2002 crisis is being created right now, and this  seriously jeopardizes the economic recovery of the United States and the world as a whole. Stock market prices are reaching record highs that have nothing to do with the current shrinking economy.


These analysts believe that this is due in large part to the non-implementation of the Volcker Rule of the Dodd-Frank Reform, which prevented speculative or proprietary trading activities by commercial banks. And banking entities should have conformed to this ban 100% by July 21, 2015.


This noncompliance with banking law caused earnings from commercial bank speculation to fall by 1.4 trillion dollars during the first six months of 2015, compared to the same period the previous year, according to the figures from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency of the US Treasury Department, and this has caused a severe fallout in financial markets in the US and the entire Western world.


Addendum: Financial experts are terrified of the moment when all this surplus money in circulation becomes part of the inflated assets of the world’s major companies operating with speculative capital. It is thought that this inevitable situation will result in the dissolution of the current monetary, commercial and financial order, and a new world order will have to be created based on cash or bitcoins.


The reality is that the myths that inspired the creation of the Western world two hundred years ago have completely disappeared, while there has been a resurgence of the myths of private property and the inevitable right to hand it down forever, which emerged in the mid-Neolithic period when the first agricultural fields were created in the protohistory of human civilization.