Camille Paglia: Another Feminism (I)

Camille Paglia: Another Feminism (I)

Written by Alfonso Elizondo


The entire conservative sector in the West and those who control the billionaires and universities in the US hate the guts of the writer and Professor of Humanities at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She believes that feminist women have created the myth that they have been the ones who have kept the world going and men have only been perverse harassers.


Camille Paglia is an atheist, lesbian, a scientist and has always sought freedom for herself and for all people. In her recent book Feminism Past and Present (Ed. Turner), she destroys the idea of a ​​notorious patriarchy which, according to current feminism, is responsible for all the ills of the world in which we live.


In a recent interview on March 8, when thousands of Spaniards took to the streets to protest and she was asked about the reason for their protest, she replied that she believed it was due to the wage gap between men and women. But she thinks that although she agrees that the same wage should be paid to men and women who do the same work, that never happens in reality because women usually choose more flexible jobs to be able to dedicate themselves to their family and they prefer jobs that are clean, tidy and safe, while the dirty and dangerous jobs are left to men whose lives are more messy. But those are better paying jobs, and that is what women cannot see.


Camille Paglia agrees that women choose different paths than men and that for many women work is not as important as the family. Paglia says that many women prefer a more flexible job in order to spend more time with their children and not leave them in the care of strangers. These women’s big problem is that they do not represent a large sector of their sisterhood, and they have focused on ideology and anti-male rhetoric instead of undertaking an objective analysis of the data, human psychology and the meaning of life.


Paglia thinks that a career is not the most important thing in a person’s life and that if someone allows their work to define their personality then that person is sick. She believes that human life is divided into private and public domains, and that emotional family life is very important. That’s why the new generations of Americans stuff themselves with antidepressants and live a chaotic life because when they identify life with work it makes them feel miserable.


Camille Paglia says that in the 1960s, leftist feminism tried to attract working women and adopted their ways and language. In the 70s, a current was started that focused on professional bourgeois women, mainly teachers and journalists. But the truth is that they were only focused on building a career and did not realize how different their lives were from the lives of the working-class women they claimed to represent. This was because there was a very elitist attitude in that feminism, with journalists and intellectuals being the real culprits in that situation. But they did not realize it.


In the interview on March 8 Camille Paglia was asked if feminism should include the views of conservatives and she said that the clearest example of the views of that sector is the debate on abortion, where she is in favor of the free choice of mothers because neither the Church nor the State can tell a woman what she should do with her body, but she respects the anti-abortion movements which are excluded from the demonstrations and marches by conservative feminists for no reason. She declared that it was ridiculous for second-wave feminism to have such a negative view of women who stay at home to care for their children, thereby rejecting feminism.


Paglia says that in Europe identity is also promoted over citizenship. In 1972 she was Yale’s only openly lesbian student, but in the late 1970s and 1980s identitarianism spread when departments of Gender and African-American studies were created. Unfortunately, US universities are now full of bureaucrats who justify their salaries by supposedly teaching Literature and Art from an identitarian perspective. She thinks that this is the opposite of what should be done, that is, use a multicultural lens similar to that of the 1960s.


According to Camille Paglia, the sexual revolution that liberated her 60s generation was extraordinary but is not affecting the new generations in the same way. It is forcing children to have sex before they want to and the relationship between the different sexes is being changed, causing it to lose dignity and status.


In addition, with sex dating done over the phone, sex has become banal. Paglia believes that today’s society should go back to valuing earlier codes of courtship because men and women view sex differently and that is another error of present-day feminism which has abandoned biology and says there are no differences between the sexes.


Paglia says that with the establishment of gender studies, the least that can be done is to include the study of biology. So, as some people say, feminism is only a social construct, which means that gender studies are pure propaganda and not an academic discipline. For it is a pathetic lie to say that gender is only a social construct and not an intersection between culture and nature.


Addendum: In Part Two of this article we will continue with Camille Paglia in her attempt to devalue the anti-male feminism that prevails at present with the support of all the legal, scientific and State institutions that deny this interesting view of reality at any cost, so much so that they have completely hidden the existence of this brilliant scientist with great success. In fact, this article is being vetoed by the mafia of the organizations that control social networks in the West.