The Generation Z: Devoid of Emotions (II)

The Generation Z: Devoid of Emotions (II)

Written by Alfonso Elizondo



Other recent findings in the study of Generation Z indicate that this generation is the first one born to use mobile devices, as 88% of its members spend more than one hour a day on them, compared with 82% of Generation Y and 72% of Generation X. Meanwhile, the consumption of radio and print advertising, like television consumption, is very low, with 68% of Generation Z watching one hour or more per day compared to 70% of Generation Y and 74% of Generation X.


Generation Z is more passionate about music and movies, and ads that are positioned in those contexts are very powerful. 52% of Generation Z say that music gets a more positive response to advertising from them, and 54% state that movies have the same effect as music.


Unlike the rest of the world, in Mexico all generations prefer videos of people aged between 10 and 20, with a generational difference regarding not duration, but creativity, where Generation Z prefers fun and humor while Y and X expect to be told a story.


Generation Z is likely to install ad-blocking software on their desktop computers but is not as likely to install an ad-blocking app on mobile devices.


AdReaction says no generation is monolithic, but Generation Z has shown a range of attitudes and behaviors that will be a challenge for marketing experts, a situation that will cause only brands that take into account the attitudes and behaviors of Generation Z to succeed in the immediate future.

AdReaction has been conducting studies since 2001 to gather information on consumer perceptions of advertising, especially in digital formats, and it addresses key questions faced by marketing experts.


One example would be to ask what are the characteristics, desires, likes and dislikes of Generation Z, the Millennials of Generation Y and the Baby Busters of Generation X. Another could be to study the different media use and attitudes of Generation Z, and another would be to find out what marketing experts need to know in order to identify trends and emerging cultural norms as they develop and plan new means of communication and models of peaceful coexistence between different social groups.


Addendum: This incredible experience of the in-depth studies on Generation Z leads us to a new stage of humanity where all the experiences of domestic and family life that are filled with emotions have been disappearing, leading to a new stage of human society where emotions, physical and metaphysical experiences, art, politics and religion will no longer accessed through the oral or written word, but will become sad stories – narrated in digital images – about what was once the human being living on Planet Earth.