What’s behind Trump’s victory?

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What’s behind Trump’s victory?

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

Created on Thursday, November 10, 2016, 14:41

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Right after the November 8 election, the general view of the media and the world’s leading political analysts was that it represented a reaction by the founding groups of Anglo-Saxon ethnic origin against the multi-ethnic immigrant minorities who invaded the United States over the last century and have been taking over the main sources of currently available employment.


This notion is based on the mistaken premise that the American electoral process is totally free and democratic. It is, in fact, a way of seeing the exercise of representative democracy from a totally obsolete point of view. The small institutions of each state are the ones that run the private organizations that control the electoral vote from a personal and subjective point of view, generating an election mechanism that is anything but free and democratic.


But apart from that serious flaw in the electoral processes of the United States dating back to the election of its first presidents towards the end of the eighteenth century, in the days before this election there was a situation created by FBI director, James Comey, which completely changed the direction of the voting tendencies of voters who were supporting Clinton. In Comey’s statement there was speculation about a possible breach of security codes in Mrs Clinton’s emails. Although Comey admitted that he was wrong a couple of days after his allegation, the damage had already been done and Clinton lost many states that had always been Democratic.


With this unexpected change of candidate caused by the Pentagon’s Intelligence Department several hypotheses can be considered:


1. That the Clintons had indeed carried out actions that endangered US national security, so that they no longer apologized or explained after the fact, but simply decided to accept the Pentagon’s institutional order.


2. A second hypothesis might be that the current Pentagon chiefs have raised the issue of the serious crisis that would result for Washington and for themselves from the withdrawal of their investments and their military personnel from most of the 761 military bases they have in dozens of countries over the world with an annual operating cost of 690 billion dollars. This massive closure of many military bases was proposed by Obama, although in recent days, for unknown reasons he seems to have abandoned those plans and agreed to accept a withdrawal with an official security team and a good level of domestic luxury.


3. A third hypothesis would be that with the failure to revive the US or the European Union economy, a solution could be to start a war with clearly defined territorial limits and with control of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction. Such a war would be against its main traditional enemies beginning with Russia. In this way it would continue with its twentieth century strategy of initiating wars away from its territory and start getting again the large proceeds from the sale of arms, fuel and investments in the territories damaged by the war and mercenary companies owned by Pentagon bosses.


The fact is that the senior Pentagon leaders do not believe that Trump is the right person to lead the United States, but they are without doubt very confident that from that sinister National Security Agency they will be able to manipulate or simply crush whoever is the President of the day. This is a situation that has prevailed in the United States since Franklin D. Roosevelt left the White House.


Addendum: With a great world power in total decline, as is the case of the United States, it is very difficult to predict what is going to happen in the short term, because in the final analysis the country is ruled by a bunch of individuals shaped by military service, where they were made to think that they are the best and the most principled soldiers in the world.


The other leaders of government are megalomaniacs, xenophobes and narcissists like Trump, whose only ambition is money and the material goods money can buy. In addition, they believe that the divine powers and the rest of humanity must be at their service. So I don’t see any problem with Trump being controlled by Manichaeans like himself, even if they are not so obvious because they are hypocrites.