The End of the United States

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The End of the United States

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

Created on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 09:36

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I must admit that the unexpected victory of Donald Trump in the November 8 election has been a great surprise to me and to the vast majority of those of us who try to keep informed about what is happening in the world from day to day. With the new form of communication used by most human beings, it is evident that emotional perception completely overshadows rationality and those who dominate the current mass media are taking political and economic control of the world even though they lack the most basic knowledge needed to lead a nation.


Regardless of who ended up as President of the United States, our view is that there will be no way for the great American nation to come together again, as it did for more than two centuries when it became the world’s greatest power, both in the field of economics and in military strength. This is so because the interests of the two main political parties are totally opposed to each other and they can no longer coexist as they did in the past.


But the conflict created by this election has not been the only cause of the deep internal and seemingly apocalyptic division in the United States. Other causes include the numerous events of a very diverse nature that have been fomenting a political, economic, social, cultural and ideological schism, and this is responsible for the fact that, as in all empires historically, its downfall will be caused by its own top political leaders and owners of big money and property.


So I will attempt to describe some of the most visible elements of this collapse of the great empire that is now beginning:

1.- With the end of the twentieth century came the end of the industrial economic model and a new formula started to be used to produce wealth through the technology and science of the new digital age.


2.- Although it produces a lot of wealth, the high technology of the digital sciences does not require large numbers of workers, and so unemployment has grown significantly and wages are on the decline.


3.- Macro enterprises that used to generate huge profits in the United States migrated to the countries of East Asia to avoid paying taxes, responsibility for workers, the environment, health and social services. The result of this has been the creation of a huge upper middle class far exceeding the class size average of all the countries in the West.


4.- The Western paradigms of accumulation and transmission of political power, plus the permanent drive to increase ownership of material goods, have faded away for obvious reasons.


5.- The number of people of very diverse ethnic groups who have migrated to the USA has grown to the point where they are already the majority of the total population.


6.- The principle of a secondary or university education facilitating upward social and economic mobility is no longer working. Young people now prefer to start earning money before going to university, and they tend to be free lancers and to travel anywhere in the world. All this has led to a society that is very different from the one that existed only two decades ago.


7.- Most of the services provided by the state, such as education, health care, production of medicinal drugs, hospitals, insurance companies, prisons, etc., have been privatized and handed over to the big billionaire families who have controlled the country since the beginning of the twentieth century.


8.- The Western principle of exercising control over other countries through the use of military power has been declining due to the high costs and the bankruptcy of most of the big powers, because China has found very effective formulas to control other countries, that are much cheaper and non-violent. That is allowing China to control big trade routes, basic raw materials, staple foods and commodities.


9. The traditional principles of fundamental human rights have been destroyed by the efficient autocratic decisions of the Government of China, and now many of the big powers are trying to eliminate their enemies through legal arguments or simply with robotic weapons whose owners cannot be identified and prosecuted.


Addendum: If you add the major changes in domestic and family life in American society to these geopolitical factors affecting the US population in different ways, you will notice that most families no longer follow the old Christian tradition of marriage, marriages are no longer commonplace and there are many cases of multiple divorces, which has created an unstable society with limited opportunities for peaceful coexistence.

I don’t have the slightest idea of what will happen to the United States in the short term, but there is no doubt that it will never be the same as before, and it will not even manage to control its own territory which will remain in permanent dispute between the two hostile groups that contested today’s election.