What is happening now with the FBI?



In June 2013, the current President of the United States, Barack Obama, nominated James Comey to relieve Robert Mueller as Director of the FBI. Comey is a Republican lawyer who worked as the second in command at the Department of Justice during the George W. Bush administration and was also a prosecutor in Chicago, Richmond, and New York.  When power changed hands in the FBI, the Senate reaffirmed his nomination by 93 votes and only one against. This almost unanimous vote contrasts with the great divide he caused last Friday, just 11 days before the presidential election in announcing the reopening of the investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s private email that she used when she was Secretary of State and, according to Comey, endangered national security.


Republicans who criticized him last July when he terminated the investigation into Clinton’s emails now praise him excessively for his blow to the Democratic candidate at a time when there is no way to assess the extent of the problem until after the election.  The group leader in the Senate, Harry Reid, went on to say that Comey may have violated the law by revealing that the FBI was investigating Clinton and accused him of breaking the law that prohibits public officials from using their position to influences a national electoral decision.


When Comey was second in charge at the US Department of Justice, the White House, with Bush leading, wanted to extend a private email control program that launched when on September 11, 2001, Bush ordered the FBI to “adopt a war mentality.” Comey then wielded the functions of the Attorney General while office bearer John Ashcroft underwent a very delicate surgery and two Bush assistants visited Ashcroft at the hospital in order to make him sign a document authorizing the extension of that provision, which Comey had refused to do.


When Comey learned of the Bush assistants’ illegal pressure, he ran to the hospital and told Bush that Ashcroft was very ill and no longer had the power to decide the matter, as it had been transferred to him.  He threatened to resign at the time and only stopped when Bush promised to change the military “intelligence” program that he sought to impose at all costs.


Comey was present not only during events that challenged the Bush family but on several occasions was involved in investigations against the Clintons and early in the 90s, when Comey served as second in charge of the Senate Commission that investigated the Whitewater case, the scandal that uncovered Bill and Hillary Clinton’s real estate interests.  Right now, with his decision to open Clinton’s email case, Comey has jeopardized Clinton’s presidential aspirations.  Although she was the one who appointed him to the position he now holds as the Director of the FBI.


Apart from all Comey’s background in the Justice Department and the FBI, it is well known that there is a strong political partnership between the Bush and Clinton families, so this sudden event alone suggests that something unexpected happened internally in the FBI or that there was fear that the Democrats would succeed in taking control of Congress, which would destroy all the dreams and aspirations of Republicans to continue to control the entire system of State services in the areas of health, education, drug production, and athletic activities at the level of secondary education and universities.  Not counting, of course, gun control, illegal drugs, and the criminal economy that continue being the core business that control rich Republicans.


According to the Washington Post, Comey released these matters to the public because he feared being blamed for a cover-up after the election. But it remains to be discovered if he yielded to pressure from his own FBI office or was more concerned about protecting his personal reputation than about interfering in a national presidential election.  Although it has now become clear that Comey should present more information before the election, he has not yet done so, and he has done enormous damage to Hillary Clinton.




Aside from what comes to pass in the next election, which still does not look like Trump can win,  the most important fact now is that all of the world’s national intelligence agencies that claim to protect the security of their borders and territories lack a clear idea of justice, have no basis in international law, are controlled by a small group of billionaires, by people without ethics and individuals who think earthly powers that arose from the birth of agricultural exploitation, several millennia before the Christian era are places whose property is inheritable ad eternum.