USA: Towards a financial and economic collapse


By Alfonso Elizondo

Created Monday January 11 2016


According to Alexander Higgins, a reliable  analysts working for the US Network, the last US economic figures show that the global banking crisis spread from Greece to other banks in Europe, until it generated more than 10 billion dollar debt per week. We now know that the mega rich of most European nations withdrew their money from the banks to buy Swiss francs, Japanese yen and gold. So that most banks’ funds fell sharply because the money printed sought refuge outside the euro area.

According to Paul B. Ferrel, economy analyst at The Wall Street Journal, there is no other option but a tax applied to the rich to avoid a middle class revolution in the West. Ferrel says that Americans’ illusion to be a very rich country forever, is ruining them, as Obama will raise taxes on the mega rich in order not to leave a bankrupt government.

Ferrel estimated that there will be a middle class political mobilization throughout Europe. The revolution in the Middle East started in Egypt from the Facebook page of a young executive at Google and soon ended with the political collapse of the Mubarak regime. It then spread to other countries in the region such as Libya and Syria. Also, all Europe is threatened by these movements, both Spain, France, England and Germany are being hit by middle-class feelings of revolution and the same is happening in South American countries like Brazil, Chile and Bolivia.

In several European countries there are hundreds of thousands of young people who were uprooted from their family values ​​and culture, they took to the streets to protest against a system of unsustainable policies that have built a huge army living on welfare, while allowing traditional institutions and cultural values ​​to be destroyed. Cities have become centers of mass consumerism as the countryside has stopped producing. The pollution level broke all limits and discontent among the masses is increasing.

In the Greater Middle East several dictators lived in the illusion of being billionaires for many years. They felt they were protected by God and chosen to possess all the earthly wealth. But suddenly a new generation of young, educated, unemployed and frustrated turned against them and caused multiple revolutions in that area. According to Mathew Klein of the New York Times, while in Egypt the unemployment rate among young people was 25%, in the United States the same figure was at 21%. So it might not be too long before the same that happened in Egypt and Libya occurs in Western countries.

Moreover, rising food prices is leading millions of people to poverty. Raises in prices are as followed: corn 52%, sugar 60%, soybeans 41% and wheat 24%. So in the United States there are 44 million people living in poverty. A special report in Time Magazine entitled poor vs Rich warns that a serious conflict has developed between two worlds: the rich and the poor. While 25 developed countries with 750 million people consume most of the world’s wealth, produce most of the manufactured goods and enjoy the highest levels of personal life, there are 100 developing countries with two billion people that live in extreme poverty and require greater share of global wealth.

Moreover, financial markets are a Western creation of virtual money, producing profit that is not based on creating real wealth. So that this money creation not supported by the economic wealth is now the most serious problem in today’s society. That does not matter to the mega rich who see the rest of the population as faceless workers. Meanwhile, in the United States Republican Party seems to have been recovering. Unions are disappearing and it’s easy to manipulate the masses when no leaders are in sight. Obama himself is now working secretly with the Republican Party and has said in public that he will never touch the super-rich donors. Although in the United States it is always said that all citizens are equal and have their say, those who control the media, politics, economics and business use their influence to develop their own interests. This is done to the degree of declaring civil death to those who dare to raise an opposite view of what they consider reality.

From the 20th century the vision of Western political order went across great vicissitudes, as liberal democracies collapsed, fascism totalitarian left have returned, and a strong control of the mass media and hypermedia has emerged. A society without humanistic culture cannot effectively monitor the political order that actually rests on technical bureaucratic minorities. The so-called democracy at the moment is just a way of selecting, monitoring, controlling and replace the elites in front of governments, while it is apparent that both right and the left regimes have failed.

This leads us to try to summarize the recent remarkable events that have lead to the financial and economic collapse of the West.

In 2011, the ultra rich hold control of the administration in Washington and this is a setback for human rights.

In 2012, the super rich strengthen their power. Their lobbyists are those who make the decisions about state policies in exchange for huge sums of money from large multinational corporations.

In 2013 the struggle of the great powers over natural resources increases. According to the Pentagon, climate change caused national security problems as millions of people remained without food because of drought and the disappearing of fertile land.

In 2014, deaths caused by planned war decrease and worldwide the population starts to grow and the trend towards the disappearance of the middle class through tax policies continues.

Between 2015 and end 2016  the Golden Era will end and  the US financial system will enjoy huge amounts of money to dominate the rest of the world.

By 2017 the total collapse of the global financial system is expected. Experts believe that the new US president will take decisions so wrong that may lead the country to a full economic debacle, political and social.

In 2018 the collapse of the Federal Reserve and the Stock Exchange paired with a new cultural revolution expected to break regardless of the Central Bank and the money printed by private banks.

In 2019 the US will send its military forces to conquer new spaces of natural resources in the world and in 2020 will be the year that will end the American Empire.