Two World War Scenarios

Two World War Scenarios 

Written by Alfonso Elizondo 


The presidency of the United States has fallen quite unexpectedly into the hands of a psychopath who has had no political experience in his entire life and whose only professional activity has been as a combination of financial speculator dressed up as a weird character in a reality show. He has never uttered a single truth and he thought that institutional deception of other people was a sign of the intelligence and the messianism that had allowed rich, white Anglo-Saxons to have all the world’s economic and political power to hand it down ad aeternum  to generations of their descendants.


According to Mike Billington, an editorial writer for the US weekly magazine the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR), the alleged threat of nuclear war by the US from South Korea at this time is not directed against North Korea, but against China. Billington says that the commander of the US forces in South Korea put the US forces on high alert just a few days ago to deal with any disturbance in the region.


Billington points out that the whole world is on the brink of an economic crisis and a financial collapse worse than the one in the decade of 1920-1930, and that China is more likely to survive it than the United States and its remaining ally the UK. So Washington is getting ready for a war against China and its current ally Russia. According to Billington, the US is calling for South Korea to agree to the deployment of long-range missiles, but Seoul is refusing because it knows very well that these weapons are not necessary to defend them against the mad king of North Korea, and they realize that this plan is really preparation for a war against China and Russia.


Earlier this year, Pyongyang confirmed its successful testing of a hydrogen bomb, so South Korea continued its propaganda campaign against North Korea and instructed its Army to respond to any North Korean provocation. Meanwhile, last Sunday the United States ordered its nuclear aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan to head towards South Korea. The United States and South Korea very recently installed a B-52 Stratofortress long-range bomber on the Korean peninsula in response to North Korea’s test of the hydrogen bomb, even though Pyongyang has said that its nuclear test was merely to deter Washington from approaching its territories.


In the midst of this conflict on the Korean peninsula, according to the Communist Party-linked newspaper the Global Times in an editorial on Friday, January 13, if the diplomacy of Trump’s team continues with its challenges, both China and the United States should prepare for a military confrontation. China has been somewhat conciliatory in saying that although the members of Trump’s team have expressed radical views, the team is not yet in office, but there is no reason for the US to think that China is afraid of its threats.


That Global Times article refers to the threats against China made by the Trump-nominated Secretary of State Rex Tillerson during his appearance in the Senate, where he hinted that Washington should deny China access to the islands of the South China Sea, which are now being claimed by several neighboring countries. According to the Global Times, Tillerson said in the Senate that “unless Washington is planning to launch a large-scale war in the South China Sea, any other approach would be foolish.” The paper also said Tillerson would be well-advised to get up to date on nuclear strategies if he wants a big nuclear power like China to withdraw from its own territories.


At the moment China has disputes with other countries in the region – such as the Philippines and Vietnam – over the sovereignty of the archipelagos in the South China Sea, such as the Spratly and Paracel islands, and its dispute tribunals have already taken on the government of the Philippines, which apparently wants more dialogue with China and is seeking to sever ties with Washington.


The Global Times says that Tillerson’s words “could not have been more irritating” at a time when both Vietnam and the Philippines are seeking to improve their relations with China. At the Senate hearing, Tillerson likened China’s actions in relation to the disputed islands with Russia’s annexation of Crimea and he declared that the Trump administration will send China a clear signal that it must stop its artificial expansion of the islands it controls.


However, in its editorial section the Global Times noted that those statements by Tillerson could have been only a show of strength by US towards China. And China Daily also pointed out that it was better not to take Tillerson’s statements seriously since they were a mixture of innocence, short-sightedness and political fantasies outside the bounds of reality. China Daily concludes by saying that if Tillerson’s ideas were put into practice, a confrontation between China and the United States would start and no one would be able to control it.


Addendum: These two regions of the world are now displaying the highest level of military confrontation between China and the United States. The entire world today is caught up in a serious crisis that no one understands and the possibility that a military conflict of global proportions could be created is very high, especially with the unexpected presence of a top political leader in the United States and a cabinet of millionaires and xenophobic, messianic hawks who do not have the slightest idea about how to handle diplomatic, legal and media issues with other nations of the world.