Trump: A Lunatic on the Loose

Trump: A Lunatic on the Loose

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

There is no doubt that the main issue in today’s global geopolitics is the follies of US President, Donald Trump, which are supported by most members of his cabinet, some members of the Republican Party, and the current obsolete electoral system that belongs to the era of rural society more than two hundred years ago. At the moment it seems that a kind of apocalypse in the current world order has emerged, and a large number of international conflicts can be observed in most of the world, as well as a deep division within the United States.

Fortunately, there are still some structures of the great edifice of federal democracy that has enabled the US to function as an undisputed world leader for nearly one hundred years. Moreover, a new world order has been created with nations and rational leaders who, at any moment, will put an end to this terrible period in the history of civilization, which is seeing the totally unexpected leadership of a mentally ill man in the Presidency of the United States.

Although President Trump does not have the slightest idea about ​​political affairs and his two main advisers, Vice President Pence and his son-in-law Kushner do not have the ability to understand the mechanisms of a government that has major international ties and he is trying to get rid of the constraints imposed on him by the legislative structures and the international free press, we think that his main misguided political actions will not last for more than a maximum of one year, because in just a few months the official channels of information and the free press of the US and the rest of the world will reveal the real numbers for the management of the economy, finance, productivity, revenues, health, death rates and the state of education and all the social services.

At that time, when the American people and the public around the world see the disastrous results produced no doubt by Trump’s obtuse and mistaken view of the world, all his paraphernalia of lies and obsolete myths will surely result in a total loss of political power and he will most likely be removed from the presidential office, impeached and sent to prison or to a mental asylum. Moreover, the Republican Party will face a serious crisis that may lead to its dissolution or there will be a new wave of partisan political groups or worse, a breakaway revolution like the one that occurred during the administration of Abraham Lincoln when the country split into two sections – north and south – doing battle with each other for many decades.

It is utterly absurd that the political leadership of the world’s strongest economy is in the hands of a fool who is trying to establish physical boundaries for his nation, but only on the side of poor countries with non-white Anglo-Saxon ethnicities. A pathetic lunatic who is ignoring the nearly 50 years that the globalization process has operated in the world and the great benefits to which it has given rise, reaching remote regions and creating trade and economic ties with more than 100 nations that previously lived in isolation, thereby allowing for relative control over the health and demographics of the world’s poorest nations and territories.


It is obvious that Trump and the members of his cabinet are not interested in the lives of the poor, blacks, Indians, Arabs, Mesoamericans, Asians, latinos, and all the racial mixtures found in the world. Their only concern is to uphold their love of themselves, their families and those who are part of their material interests. Trump and his administration now represent the biggest involution in the history of human civilization of all time.


Addendum: There is no doubt that the new political leadership of the United States exemplifies two classic situations that have occurred time and again in the history of all empires: there always comes a time when an empire’s decline begins and this invariably starts right in its political vortex.

A retrospective analysis of the fall of all empires, including proto-historic ones, shows that as they were disappearing or losing power, a new world was being rebuilt with new paradigms, new gods, new forms of communication between human beings, a new vision of beauty, love, freedom, feelings and a general tendency to live together in peace.

In this particular case of the emergence of the new digital age, huge unprecedented changes in human society are underway: the disappearance of the spoken and written word, the reconfiguration of the family unit, the restraining of emotions and a general tendency to create greater equality and understanding among human beings, even though at the moment with that lunatic Trump in charge, the most visible signs are hatred, the promotion of inequality, violence and the use of lies or exaggeration in political and social relations.