Towards a Chaotic New World Order

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Towards a Chaotic New World Order

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

Created on Wednesday, November 30, 2016, 16:34

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There are many geopolitical factors giving rise to an unexpected and rapid change in the world order that had been in existence since the end of World War II. Reference could be made to the following: the excesses committed by the United States and its allies who have initiated discretionary wars all over the world far from their own countries, financed those war operations with taxpayers’ money, and then repaired the damage caused by charging high interest and appropriating foreign territories and their natural wealth; the control of circulating currency and large fortunes by a small group of billionaires who have taken over the US Central Bank since 1913 and have subsequently generated circulating currency worldwide by printing paper money; the merciless exploitation of all the countries in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America that they had under their control and countless instances of abuse globally that are slowly coming to an end. This is in addition to the creation of massive speculative capital, without any physical and legal backing, that has led to the formation of a huge global network of the criminal economy and tax havens that already exceed the capital generated by savings and revenues from industrial production.


This entire situation has caused the deaths of hundreds of millions of innocent working class people, a notable drop in the income of the lower middle class and a significant decrease in the number of young people enrolling in institutions of higher learning. Added to this is the resurgence of China in the last 40 years. This country has been creating a new economic and financial empire, taking up a large chunk of world trade and finance very craftily and without using expensive military forces. So now it controls two extensive trade routes from Beijing to Berlin, one through some twenty Asian countries and Russia, and the other across Africa, through Madagascar crossing the Mediterranean Sea into Eastern Europe. In both cases China has funded all the countries along the way so that they buy only Chinese goods and sell most of their products and their natural resources to China.


In addition to these two major trade routes, China has managed to control much of the route to Australia through the large islands of Southeast Asia (New Guinea and Borneo) and Polynesia, where a very primitive barter system has worked to its advantage since it does not have to finance the countries through which its trade passes. It is obvious that in order to carry out this operation China has had to invest large sums in military facilities to protect the passage of its boats, mainly in the deep waters of the South Pacific, where it has big submarines at a depth of more than 2,000 meters to prevent attacks by drones or conventional robotic weapons.


China is now established in Greenland and the territories in Iceland, searching for their vast natural resources, and the same thing has happened in Latin American and Caribbean countries such as Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Panama, Honduras, and Nicaragua, where apart from exploiting their natural wealth it has established special models of political, cultural and artistic relations. All this effort is directed at the aggrandizement of the Chinese State, whose two main elements are autocracy and the communist party. A model of collective culture that has not yet been figured out by a Western world whose only paradigm continues to be the economic and political power of its leaders based on a misconception of individual freedom and democracy.


The election of Trump as US president must be added to all this confusion generated by the obsolescence of the collective myths of the West. Trump is a psychopath who, like most Anglo-Saxons, thinks that his ethnic status endows him with cultural, intellectual and physical supremacy over people of other ethnicities. This situation has always existed in most Anglo-Saxon countries, but now – by an accident of fate – it has been totally uncovered. This explains why the world order will collapse in a very short space of time and human society will be restarted under new and chaotic conditions.


Addendum: The idea of a chaotic new world order started a few years ago and has led to a series of geopolitical, ideological, ecological, trade, financial, technological and cultural conflicts that are emerging in every region of the world, and it seems that it will be impossible to resolve them in the short term. But human civilization will no doubt seek and find new forms of global coexistence and the level of violence will decrease and the collective myths still functioning in the present age will disappear.


It is obvious that the small group of elites who now believe they are ruling the world will try to extend their power indefinitely, but that will no longer be possible in a world where power will be shared by several great world powers.