The World in Danger

The World in Danger

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

The eminent scientist, Albert Einstein, said that the great difference between wisdom and stupidity is that wisdom has limits. I mention this phrase from a world-renowned scholar in order to be able to understand the great danger facing the world today with the presence of one of the world’s biggest fools in the presidency of the United States. The combination of an obsolete system of electoral democracy that worked in the era of rural society and the advent of a new communication technology in the new digital world, where the truth is no longer told, and communication with most people is carried out through shows or shows that try to hide reality, or ‘liquid modernity,’ as the old sage Bauman called it. This is what led to last November’s election victory of Donald Trump, a former reality show star in the United States for several decades.


As if the great danger of having an ignorant, megalomaniac and xenophobic clown as the political leader were not enough, Trump has surrounded himself with a cabinet that is more primitive, obsolete and removed from today’s reality than anyone could ever imagine. Not only does the cabinet include military leaders who led the transnational wars in recent decades, causing great losses to their country and hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide, plus a huge number of American soldiers left permanently disabled, like their family members, but it is also comprised of the most rapacious hawks who view military might as the only thing that can achieve the unity of nations, whether through war or the threat of war. There are also the most radical clergy of the various dominant Christian churches in the US, the most ambitious billionaires and thieves, including family members, friends, associates and subordinate employees. Also included on the list are the masters of state terrorism (the CIA and FBI), mercenaries, speculators, bankers and other crooks left over from the Bush and even the Reagan administration.


All this mare magnum leads to the view that the immediate future of the US and the whole world will be in grave danger, because apart from the conflicts provoked by this clown in all regions of the world controlled by other powers, there are also the deep divisions originating in his own country and extending to the main colonies in Latin America and, in particular, to Mexico.


There are many areas of conflict in the world today. One has to take into account the area of ​​the China Sea and the seas surrounding the two Koreas and add the Soviet region near the Arctic, the countries that were part of the Soviet Union along the Black Sea, the entire Caucasus region and, of course, the Ukrainian territories, Crimea and Istanbul, Russia’s only access to the Mediterranean Sea that is being disputed with Turkey. If we add to these war zones the Middle East and the frightening process of migration from that area and from Africa to Europe, it can be concluded that there has never been chaos of such magnitude in the history of human civilization. This is in addition to the fact that the situation is aggravated by the advanced military, transportation and communication technologies that allow the effects of conflicts to spread very quickly and very easily.


Fortunately, China, Russia and most of the big powers are led by rational and experienced leaders who will let Trump and the institutions he now manages peer into the abyss of their stupidity and obsolete myths until they decide to all come together to create a new world order, where Trump, the section of the United States that he still manages and some of his more distant and uninformed colonies, become a little island of nincompoops who will be the object of international bullying.


Addendum: Other possible ways to prevent the world from reaching this terrible moment would be to convene a world forum to be attended by all the nations that are now part of the UN, to discuss all the military, trade, financial and monetary policies, freedom of expression, fundamental human rights and ecological regulation. The final result would be to democratically choose a new World Council to replace the ineffective body left over from the post-World War II era.


A simpler and faster way would be to use the legislation of a country respected by everyone, where Trump’s statements would be declared false and unacceptable, the way Wikileaks has done with the laws of Switzerland and Belgium to eliminate all news in the international press that is not properly documented. This would be used in the specific case of the Trump presidency to prevent showmen, madmen and clowns from leading a nation that is a part of the new World Order.