The West Has Died

The West Has Died

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

If we consider the myths that originally shaped the ideology of the West right after the French Revolution, it is very likely that they are completely unknown to current post-World War II generations. The reason for this is that a fundamental consequence of the emergence of the digital world, the transmission of information, cultural expectations, the appearance of new myths and the transformation of the model of family and domestic life has been a minimizing of emotions, a drastic decline in monogamous marriages and a movement away from analytical and rational thinking.


Nowadays almost no one remembers the principles upon which Western States were built after the late eighteenth century. These principles were created by the French upper bourgeoisie, in their eagerness to have their divinely ordained king spend all his time feeding his exuberant libido with numerous aristocratic women who were disposed to engaging in all kinds of sexual practices and complex extramarital affairs to boost his narcissism and messianism to the highest levels that a monarch had ever had in the history of human civilization.


So when the aristocrats took over the political functions of the monarch, they merely translated the three great ideas of the Enlightenment into bureaucratic terms: freedom, equality, and fraternity. This trilogy of beautiful ethical values became a series of norms and principles that in turn were transformed into rules and laws leading to the creation of a very complicated, dysfunctional and perverse model of the state. As a result, the nascent secular state once again became a monarchy barely sprinkled with revolutionary ideas that soon took France into a process of prolonged decline lasting for many years.


When this paradoxical model of a revolutionary formula adapted to the monarchy came to the United States, with the mythological ingredient added by the first Quaker emigrants and the delusional Freemasons, it was obvious that the great nation was built on principles totally alien to reality in a country with indigenous peoples of diverse ethnic groups that had been displaced, marginalized and enslaved by the original English colonizers.


But there is no doubt that the great founding heroes of the new American nation, such as Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and Lincoln himself, had not the slightest idea that their myths came from a dying nation; they believed it was a divine, redemptive cause that had led them to create a nation with new myths that would be the guide and model of all the nations of the world.


Something similar is now happening with the current American political leaders who unconsciously believe that they and their previous generations of white people coming from Europe were the ones who managed in just two hundred years to create the world’s greatest capitalist empire. But they don’t understand that the mechanisms by which a state operates always come from myths that are hidden from the vast majority, and that it is these beliefs, which have no real foundation,  that unite them. Neither can they understand that much of the material success of the United States is due to the random structure of the world order of that time. That world order allowed them to start wars in territories far away from their own country and to build massive wealth as their ancestors received outrageous payments from the State for having financed those wars and for the subsequent repair of the damages that they themselves had caused.


They also cannot understand that the main causes of these world wars was the emergence of an ultra-right political ideology that tried to take over the whole world, and the process of migration to America by people who had been persecuted and impoverished by fascism. These were the people who eventually formed the labor force that created the industrial strength of the United States, who they now want to throw out of their territory.


The emergence just a few years ago of the political phenomenon of the so-called alternative right (‘alt-right’) throughout the Western world is not a coincidence, but a response to a new form of social coexistence, where digital media controls politics and social life. Perhaps it’s not yet possible to define the role of these new groups scattered throughout the West and without a visible driving force.


There’s no doubt that this was the group that brought Trump to power and it would not be wrong to think that it will be a part of some of the upcoming elections in several countries in Europe, in the European and Asian areas of the Middle East, as well as in countries in North Africa, but this new political phenomenon is just beginning to be recognized in the traditional print media and in television, and so it is unknown to those who do not live in the new digital world.


Addendum: The confused political movement of the ‘alt-right’ is by now the only remnant of the Western mythology and ideology of two hundred years ago. But so far no individual or group has emerged to lead the movement which consists of internal elements of the most varied ways of thinking and acting, although there is to some extent a predominance of conservatives on the right who are opposed to the current world order and who believe that whites are the most intelligent ethnic group and that the world’s political and economic power should be controlled and administered by whites of Anglo-Saxon origin.