The predecessors of ISIS



The predecessors of ISIS

By Alfonso Elizondo

Created Wednesday December 08, 2015

According to a public declaration made by the US General Wesley Clark, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), self-appointed universal Caliphate, is a cover operation created by Anglo-Israeli Zionist intelligence. Its essence has been the attempt to create an apparent enemy, in order to justify to the public opinion worldwide a clear aggression against a predetermined target. This resembles a similar stratagem used by the emperors of the Roman Empire. One example of this is when the emperor Nero secretly burnt Rome to the ground as a way to blame the Christians and to pursue and destroy them in the name of a just cause. Emperor Diocletian also did the same thing in the third century AD.

In1898, Jews and Americans used the same technique when they sank their own USS Maine ship using an explosive device that they themselves had placed on the boat, and blamed Spain for the incident as a way to go to war against the Spanish and take over their control in Guam, Puerto Rico and the Philippine Islands. Years later the USS Maine wrecks were found under water and it was clear that the explosion came from within the boat and not from an external missile. Nevertheless it seems that hadn’t been a deterrent to get 266 American soldiers killed; the event was entirely planned by the intelligence department.

Another event along these lines happened in 1941 with the attack on Pearl Harbor, which was based on a false memorandum by Colonel Mc Collum who was the director of the Office of the US Naval Intelligence office in East Asia at that time. The aforementioned memo was sent to President Roosevelt on October 7, 1940 and suggested eight possible actions to justify the entry of the United States in World War II and its role in fighting against Japan. One of these suggestions was to attack their own base in Pearl Harbor. In that occasion the US intelligence murdered 2471 US marines.

According to the vast majority of the world’s experts on intelligence matters, the most sophisticated attempt of a fabricated operation in the history of US intelligence was the self attack on the Twin Towers in New York on September 11, 2001, when an anonymous group within the CIA secret services, together with the aid of Israel’s Mossad group and the Pakistani ISI helped the Government in Washington to organize a spectacular event that would justify the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and give rise to the so called War on Terror. In this particular instance, the United States killed about 3,000 US civilians, while Jews operating in those buildings had been given a day off work.

Right now, due to information revealed on social networks, everyone knows that Al Qaeda is a false fabrication used to justify the fight against terrorism. It is also known that Bin Laden was a double agent for the CIA and that what happened on September 11, 2001 was a hidden Western intelligence deed. According to the exact words of Robin Cook, who was the foreign minister of the United Kingdom at the time, there is no shred of evidence that an Al Qaeda terrorist Islamic group ever existed. Everybody knows that. This is all part of a planned campaign by the Pentagon to fool the public into believing that there is in fact an entity identified as pure evil, which is a way to convince the public to accept a war against terrorism. The country behind this false campaign is the United States.

Since August 2012 social networks have been reporting that the Israeli Mossad group and the CIA created the Al Nusra terrorist group in order to overthrow the Syrian government in 2013, and the same direction was taken by Israel in 2013 to engage Syria and Iran in the conflict and create a clash of civilizations between Islam and the West, which would eventually give Israel complete supremacy in the Middle East. That same plan of creating a False Enemy has been implemented by Israel to gradually occupy Palestine, and create the terrorist group Hamas against Yasser Arafat; this plan was devised by the then Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir. Since then, Israel has been using Hamas to justify the slaughter of Gaza in August 2014, where 2000 Palestinians were killed under the pretext that they had murdered three young Jews.

According to Steven Kelley, an ex CIA contractor, ISIS is another great lie of the Anglo-Israeli intelligence to justify their agenda of territorial expansion in the Middle East. Through countless photos published on the web it is known that the leader of ISIS, Caliph Abu Bark Al Baghdadi is a Mossad double agent whose real name is Elliot Simun. He is known to be the son of Jewish parents and was trained in Israel by the Mossad group to carry out the territorial expansion of Israel. According to information published by the former agent of the NSA (National Security Agency) Edward Snowden, the creation of ISIS was done with the support of the Israeli Mossad, the M16 in the UK and the CIA.

According to the Turkish newspaper Aydinik, about 20 officers of the Israeli Mossad intelligence have given military support to ISIS, by using constant expulsion, and even crucifixion of Christians. Israel’s plan, shared by its ally the United States, it to Balkanise the Middle East attracting extremists from around the world, and make leaders of all nations believe that these terrorists are a threat to Israel. The ultimate goal of this is then destroy them and in doing so, facilitate the territorial expansion of a Great Israeli project. This plan is also linked to the events in Ukraine as a provocation to involve Russia in the conflict by initiating a large-scale war.

This war, if provoked, would be the last step to establish a new world order. It would justify the transformation of the current national order into a global state with a unique policy and a centralized economy and government. ISIS was created and financed by the Israeli secret service Mossad, the CIA and the M16 to create an explosive conflict between Sunnis and Shiites, between Arabs and Jews, between the West and the China-Russia axis.


Addendum: This is a very old project that started in1913 when the Jews took over the Bank of New York and so far has remained the real controllers of most of the money circulating in the world through Wall Street. There is no indication that the US dollar will be substituted by any other world currency in the short term because the West has formed a barrier again the Renminbi, the Chinese currency accepted a few days ago by the IMF, the World Bank and the other main transnational agencies that control the financial, commercial and economic operations of today’s world. The only visible crack against Wall Street, Washington and Israel is the recent financial partnership with China and the UK, Germany and Holland.