The New Cold War (I)

The New Cold War (I)


Written by Alfonso Elizondo

According to expert historians, the last Cold War began in 1947, after the Second World War and ended in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

When everything suggested that peaceful coexistence between the nations of both hemispheres could not be disturbed, Donald Trump assumed the presidency of the United States to revive old conflicts with several countries, among them Muslims, Latin America, Russia and China. At the same time, China maintains its socialist regime with a market economy and is one of the world economic powers disputing the supremacy of the United States under Trump.

While during the First Cold War there was a competition to conquer space, in the 21st century the war is colder and quieter, networks are the battlefield and the latest technology is in the hands of all people who live through digital artifacts.

So Trump’s decision to block high-tech Chinese company Huawei, under the guise of ‘national security’ caused Google to join Trump’s ban. The New Cold War is no longer a question of ‘national security’ and a trade conflict but has now become a high-tech geopolitical conflict.