The Myths of the West (IV) (USA)

The Myths of the West (IV) (USA)

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

France’s Napoleonic empire lasted a short period of time and very soon she began to lose her European possessions and free labor from her colonies. As a result Napoleon I was removed from his position as emperor and the new French leaders set out to look for new territories and cheap labor to be able to compete with England which had seized North America, the largest territory, and its vast number of slaves, right at the start of the first period of industrialization in history.


In North America, the English conquered the territory of the United States that was held by some aboriginal communities and what was left of the Spanish monarchy, which lacked political and military influence. So the French teamed up with an elite group of US scientists, humanists, and politicians led by Washington, Emerson, Franklin Roosevelt, Manning, and other brilliant figures whose aim was their country’s independence. Consequently, within a short period of time and with the military support of the French, this small elite managed to quickly defeat the English and drive them out of their country, creating a new free, democratic and federative nation.


The pro-independence process produced two internal groups caught up in a prolonged conflict known as the north-south war (secession) that lasted until the mid-19th century, as well as a two-party political system with George Washington becoming the first president. Among the first Irish Quaker emigrants and members of the Freemasons the great myth was created of the new American nation as a sort of divine concession protecting them from other nations and giving them the privilege of showing the rest of the world the right way to go, as symbolised by the angel Columbia.


This myth of being chosen by the ‘God of Truth’ was the basis of the US stance as world leader that is still shared by a large number of Americans. At the end of the nineteenth century it led them to begin the conquest of the territories of poor nations where they could find raw materials and cheap labor. So by the middle of the twentieth century, wars planned in various distant regions of the world became the main source of income for this great nation. And this myth has survived up to the present time, but now it also contains a strong element of pride and narcissism, since it is thought that the divine preference started with the Anglo-Saxons.


The position of the United States as maximum world leader has lasted for a little more than a century, from the time that the Central Bank system was created (1913), which started the replacement of coins with printed paper. And although other great economic powers, such as China and India, have emerged, the primacy of the United States and its printed currency has endured (the US dollar) and the dominance of its defense companies continues). At the same time, its industrial power, control of international trade, its financial order and the world monetary system have started to collapse, as have the legal and constitutional systems that govern most Western nations.


In addition to this crisis, there are several conflicts stemming from the seizure of African agricultural lands by big transnational corporations like Monsanto and Bayer which forced out the indigenous farmers in order to produce energy gases from cereal grains. This is why hundreds of thousands of these farmers have migrated to Europe in search of a means of survival. The same is true of the regional conflict in the Middle East that was started by ISIS, a kind of substitute for the old terrorist Osama bin Laden, and created by the Pentagon ‘hawks’ to justify the actions of their mercenary groups and their multimillion dollar expenses in the more than 800 military bases they have around the world.


Added to these two major conflicts is the big problem of the Jews who are being left without US protection and who believe that they will get better protection from Iran and Russia if they invade the Palestinian territories and increase their military arsenal. And an even greater conflict is the one caused by Trump’s presidency of the United States. A character from television shows, where reality is not recognized and post-truths or wild lies are invented every day.


Addendum: Fortunately for everyone, the huge  bureaucracy that governs the United States has restrained Trump’s actions, and what’s on the horizon are not serious problems but those caused by a diplomacy in decline and by the serious conflicts that may arise unexpectedly due to the failure to control the ecological variables that are causing the greatest problems in the world. China and India are convinced that the time for wars is over and there’s no way that they will get involved in violent events of a global nature.