The Myths of the West have been exhausted

The Myths of the West have been exhausted

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

Based on current geopolitics, everything leads us to think that the myths that created the democratic and republican state have become obsolete visions of the world today that no longer work, and that the vast majority of countries in Western society are rapidly and dramatically on the way towards final collapse.


Added to the political failure of the present governments of Western countries there is the serious crisis caused by the implementation of an economic, financial, monetary and commercial system globally that has been controlled for over a hundred years (1913) by a small group of  billionaires who took control of the world monetary system by issuing paper money and completely doing away with the use of gold, and by the emergence of the criminal economy that currently handles almost ten times the total legally backed wealth in the world and is leading the entire world to a global collapse that could be worse than the one experienced in the decade of twenties in the last century.


When you add to this critical situation in the present world order the serious problems of migration from Africa and the Middle East to Europe, the beginning of the fragmentation of the European Union with Brexit, the alt-right political phenomenon with its xenophobic populism and the appointment of a bragging, xenophobic and completely boorish television clown as president of the United States, it is almost impossible to discern a near future without violence, without radicalisms of all kinds, under conditions of peace, equity and freedom.


The most difficult aspect of this whole situation is for the current political apparatus of the world’s richest nation to accept that its economic and military leadership has reached the end, which is a story repeated by all the great empires in history. It will also be very difficult for emerging nations such as China, India and Russia to develop appropriate policies for the great changes now taking place, because their huge populations – which have reached 70% of the world’s total – in addition to the different ideologies of their leaders cannot easily adapt to the mythological and religious beliefs of the West, that are based on a divine anthropocentric myth of two hundred years ago, combined with the erroneous scientific concepts of Freemasonry, where man is controlled by a burden of guilt and sins before birth.


The cultures of China and India, on the other hand, are essentially pantheistic, and humans have a value similar to that of other living animals, the plant kingdom and all inorganic matter. In Russian culture, the autarchic values of the Tsarist period persist and its leader shares power with the most economically powerful groups and dissident political groups or alternative ideologies are not tolerated.


There is no doubt that within a decade or perhaps less, emerging economies will take control of the economy, trade and global finance and the world will be governed by new paradigms and new myths, when all the nations of the West will move into the background, since the political leaders of China and India have a hybrid culture and are familiar with other mythologies, having been educated and acculturated in Western universities, and they know very well that a single nation could never have control over the entire global society, since there are countless ethnic groups and mythologies that will remain unknown to the vast majority of living human beings.


Addendum: Right now it is very difficult to make a diagnosis about global geopolitics in the short term, but it is a fact that all the paradigms of the world are changing, although most of us humans may not notice it. Xenophobia, populism, hatred for other religions and mythologies may dominate in the next few years, but there is no doubt that human society will not only survive today’s great socio-political crisis, but it will have to prevail for many more centuries.


The only thing clear is that it is neither wars nor xenophobic populism nor hatred towards other religions and mythologies that will be the cause of the disappearance of the human race, but, if anything, the lack of control of the planet’s ecosystem, because world leaders have not been able to reach full agreement on this issue.