The Current Geopolitical Essay

 The Current Geopolitical Essay

Written by Alfonso Elizondo


In my last article on current geopolitics, Larry Diamond, the sociologist from Stanford, California, put forward a view of the decline of democracy in the Western world in which he pointed out that this decadent situation was the same for all democratic models globally, given that something similar to what is happening in the United States and Europe is also happening in the Asian world, including all the nations from China and the Philippines to Australia.


There is no doubt that the great thinkers of today’s world believe with absolute conviction and with a sincere moral conscience that the whole world revolves around the same old historical, divine and earthly myths, according to which human beings from their own ethnic groups are the ones who determine the path of humanity, as well as all the material goods and animal and plant species that make up the current universe.


Nevertheless, the evolution of the sciences in the postmodern world has been so rapid that it has not allowed scholars of the humanities, art and metaphysics to understand the present where the new sciences, technologies and communication media have taken absolute control of the current world and have barely left little spaces for those who still think that the essence of the human being lies in enjoying beauty and delighting in pleasures that are not material.


As the XXI century progresses, the paradigms of the human being have been changing in an unexpected way and religions and social and cultural myths have disappeared, in addition to all the activities that do not produce benefits or at least a little prestige. Little by little the spoken and written word has disappeared, images that were visible and identifiable are becoming almost indecipherable puzzles, emotions are being watered down to a significant degree and the nodule of the family that has driven the human race since the Neolithic Age has been disappearing to create a world totally different from the one that was known through words and images.


In the same way that human beings have changed their evolutionary rhythm, their social groups have moved away from agricultural land and its natural resources to create a new abstract world where the tendency is to live in large cities that not only complicate human subsistence, but make it more expensive and much less warm than when they lived in the rural world.


Although right now it is very difficult to imagine what will happen on our Planet in the coming years, it is clear that it will be a very different world from the current one. The human being will seek to adapt to the new political, economic and social reality, but will never manage to adapt to a world of unbearable temperatures, a string of seismic movements that destroy cities and a set of changes in the planet’s surface that will lead to the disappearance of beaches and coastlines that are now at the same level as the marine waters.


Therefore, the most important actions of the human being at present should be towards creating a world order of peaceful coexistence where all nations will understand that it will not be possible to survive without creating the material and political conditions to do so. In some way the idea has to be spread that the material paradigms of the past will be displaced by a new world political order that allows human beings on Planet Earth to approach others without fear of being despised or shunned due to the color of their skin, their shabby dress, poor health or scarce resources to acquire healthcare products and basic foods.


Addendum: Human beings will either accept fellow human beings unconditionally or the human race will be doomed to disappear in a few more decades, regardless of material wealth, ideology, ancestral legacies and skin color.