The Collapse of the US

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

Created on Monday, 28 March 2016 11:06


Although for many political and economic analysts, the final downfall of the North American giant – the United States of America – is a remote and long-term possibility, for well-known financial analyst of The Wall Street Journal, Paul B. Ferrell, whose accurate analyses have led to him being considered the Nostradamus of the US financial system, this possibility is very close and will materialize by the end of this decade.


Paul B. Ferrell notes that in 2010 the US Federal Reserve injected US$700 billion into the private banking system in order to save it from total bankruptcy. This is in addition to the indirect expenditure of another $4.250 billion granted to large private corporations that had reached the brink of bankruptcy after using and exploiting people for years and leaving more than 200,000 unemployed.


Ferrell believes that once again the country’s coffers are empty and there is no money to save anyone. If you take into account the fact that the US economy and the economies of the entire world are strongly connected, if the US collapses the rest of the world will collapse too. Ferrell believes that the last global crisis was child’s play compared to the catastrophe that is coming in the next decade.


So I will try to summarize Ferrell’s terrible predictions for the next decade:

In 2012, the ‘super rich’ strengthen their absolute power in Washington. And the lobbyists are the ones making important decisions about state policies in exchange for the large sums of money they receive from the major economic powers. Consequently the laws are passed that favor the few and hurt entire communities. The middle class is gradually disappearing and approaching a standard of living close to that of people of the third world.


In 2013 clashes over natural resources increased and millions of people were left without food because of droughts and the fact that climate change and the proliferation of fracking turned many fertile lands into deserts. In 2014 the world population grew at a rate of 100 million per year, while the profits of a small group of powerful capitalists increased. Environmentalists asserted that the damage caused by humans on the planet was irreversible and the earth is doomed to self-destruction. In 2015 the gold era comes to an end. The strong nations waged very costly wars, damaging natural resources and using weapons made from non-renewable materials. In the meantime the political and financial system enjoyed huge amounts of money and controlled the rest of the population which has been turned into a new class of slaves.



According to Ferrell, towards the end of 2016, the new President of the United States will take disastrous decisions leading the country towards an economic, political and social meltdown, and so the country that was the most powerful in the world for more than a century will face total collapse, as happened in the past with other great empires. And in 2017 the revolution of the middle class will begin. It will exploit the enormous political and social rage bottled up for more than a century, and when the newly elected President tries to save the banking system from collapse by giving away donations of millions of dollars of state money, the middle class will come out angrily into the streets creating a huge domestic political crisis.


In 2018 the Federal Reserve and the US Stock Market will collapse completely. Although the politicians will try to calm the angry people, this crisis will ignite a new cultural revolution. The New York Stock Exchange will fall apart and the federal reserves will not be enough to meet any of the basic obligations.


In 2019 the war over the world’s natural resources will begin, and more than half of the US Federal Reserve will be used to maintain the terrible military system, leaving little money for fiscal and monetary needs. Moreover, the state will decide to send its military to seize the world’s new natural resources to secure the future of the nation. And this will be the start of a global confrontation between the big countries.

In 2020 the American empire will come to an end when for the first time it will have a female president who will start a new era in US history.


Addendum: Despite the intensity of the condemnation and desire for revenge against the US political model in the predictions of Paul B. Ferrell, there is no doubt that his analysis reflects a high degree of rationality and realism, given that he is an expert on economic and financial issues in the US and he has always been right in his financial predictions. This is in addition to the fact that the catastrophic fall of empires throughout the history of human civilization has been repeated for as far back as we have been able to go into the collective history of the human race.

From our personal geopolitical perspective of the US, the next president will be Mrs. Clinton, whose political relationship with Wall Street and with large corporations will allow the greedy empire to survive for another couple of decades, even though the country is engulfed in a serious internal political crisis. It is also fair to acknowledge that Ferrell’s prediction was made in 2010 and ours is current.