Start of a New Era

Start of a New Era

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

Created on Wednesday, October 26, 2016, 13:30

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At the moment there is series of events and conflicts throughout the world which indicate that the existing world order has come to an end and that a new era is beginning, in which most models and systems of coexistence between nations and the mechanisms for resolving  conflicts between them seem to have stopped working. The whole world is stagnating and sometimes moving backwards on most of the principles that have allowed the world to function and grow in a relatively peaceful manner since the end of world War II.

To make an assessment that is close to reality it is necessary to establish a clear distinction between the elements that are contingent and those that are not. So I will start by outlining the former, because it is possible to act on them in a rational, coordinated and direct manner among all the nations of the world. Among the most noteworthy events the following could be mentioned:

1. The overall inefficiency of the international monetary system, with the IMF, the World Bank and the Fed which have led to the creation of a huge amount of money in circulation globally which is not secured by savings, tangible assets or real estate, and which is at the root of the frightening development of the criminal economy that now controls much of the Western world.

2. The failure and ineffectiveness of global financial systems, both in the West and in the system recently created by China in the countries of the Beijing-Berlin connection, which has led the Central Bank to operate with negligible or negative interest rates to prevent these Asian countries from having trade relations with the West.

3. The inability of existing transnational organizations to regulate international trade,  as was the case with the WTO (World Trade Organization) and is now happening with the shaky TPP (Trans-Pacific Treaty) which has not yet come on stream and is already being cancelled .

4. The incompetence and lawlessness of agencies trying to solve international military problems, as has happened with NATO which only supports US and the West, thus intensifying the rivalry between Russia and the USA.

5. The inexplicable alliance of OPEC with the United States, which caused a huge drop in oil prices and led to the ruin of Russia and other major producers of oil and gas, such as Iran and Venezuela. This has prompted Russia to seek a solution to its financial crisis by intervening in regional conflicts in the Middle East in order to sell weapons and fuel.

6. The complete obsolescence of international Human Rights and Justice Organizations.

Among the main non-contingent elements in today’s global world one could include:

1. Global warming with its countless serious consequences in the very short term, the destruction of thousands of species of flora and fauna on land and in the sea, as well as the enormous increase in flooding in many coastal areas of all continents near the polar ice caps, which is responsible for the total disappearance of farmland and even entire populations.

2. Disproportionate population growth in the  popular classes and in the numbers living  in extreme poverty worldwide, which has led to a greater number of endemic diseases, a higher death rate among children and huge financial crises in the countries where they live.  Added to this is the emergence of violent social movements and various forms of regional terrorism.

3. Increased poverty worldwide, but especially in the regions that were colonized by Europeans, such as Africa and America, the vast Asian region that is still under Russian control, the poor nations of the Middle East, nations in Southeast Asia and the area between Pakistan and India, to mention only the most outstanding cases.

4. The migration to Western Europe of millions of people coming come from Africa, the poor region of ​​the Middle East and the Islamic world, who are not admitted into developed countries, in addition to the fact that they are not viewed as suitable because they lack the basic knowledge and the language of these nations in order to be employed by companies or agencies of the state bureaucracy.

6. The emergence of new models of control and domination used by the great powers to replace the traditional formula of use of military power that it is now in its final stages, although there are some powers, like the United States and Russia that still cannot accept this. At the same time, the Chinese model is creating new partners through diplomatic and financial means and through the use of technology, and India has been building its ‘smart cities’ with the full support of big businessmen who are responsible for providing all public services to these cities.

Addendum: Although right now it is not easy to predict what will happen in the short term, it is already apparent that there is a significant change not only in the world order that determines the relationships between nations, but also in the thinking about business and of the fundamental unity of Western society which has been the family based on marriage between two people of different sexes.

From a wider perspective, what is now happening around the world is the appearance of a new collective mythology, where divine beings and the desire for power and material goods are on the decline.