Political Crisis Flares in US

Political Crisis Flares in US

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

Trump’s sudden decision to fire the FBI Director is causing a serious political crisis in the United States; something like what happened in 1973, when Nixon took action very similar to Trump’s, culminating in the famous Watergate scandal and the president’s subsequent removal from office. In both cases, the common denominator is the idea of ​​two sitting presidents concealing illegal acts that are clearly prohibited by US Constitutional Law in order to seek personal gain.


In the perception of the American press and television media, the dismissal of Comey as director of the FBI was due to the fact that this official was investigating the Russian government’s participation in the recent elections in support of Trump. However, there are several very prestigious news sources, not controlled by the State, which report, with well-documented evidence, that what Trump is really trying to conceal is the fraudulent mechanism used by Republicans to eliminate about 2.8 million votes of non-white Anglo-Saxon people, whose votes can be challenged under immigration laws.


This alleged fraud was carried out in Michigan, Pennylvania and Wisconsin, where the Republican Party had complete control of the electoral bodies and allowed Trump to win, although he obtained fewer individual votes than Clinton. (You can access the ‘free journalism’ website of Greg Palast, the extraordinary BBC freelance journalist and New York Times columnist, where he describes in detail in his essay titled ‘The Best Democracy Money Can Buy’ the electoral fraud that led to Trump winning the presidency.


Greg Palast says that the press and the media in general do not want to draw attention to this serious issue because they would have to speak out about the same phenomenon when Sanders was Clinton’s main rival in the Democratic Party and she used this method to knock him out. Palast believes Sanders did not have the courage to accuse her, perhaps because he was afraid of destroying the powerful left wing of the Democratic Party constituted by new generations of young people, or because he was otherwise controlled by the Clintons.


The most unfortunate thing about this confusing situation is that American society has been left deeply divided, new generations have been excluded from political activity and the small elite of billionaires who have taken over the Central Bank since 1913 are still in complete control of the state and are not interested in stopping the rapid process of impoverishment of the working classes. They do not even realize that the social services of the State that gave international prestige to history’s first democratic federative State have been disappearing as taxes are being cut for the rich and the Fed is running out of resources.


As these serious internal problems give rise to different crises inside the country due to the lack of jobs, lack of control of public health, lack of education subsidies and increase in insecurity, the lack of resources is forcing the American State to move away from its traditional transnational activities, whether in the form of planned military actions or in the maintenance of its military bases. So it is very likely that the United States will pull out of the current conflict areas around the world, even though those who control the Pentagon and many energy and military companies may be looking to create conflicts between various nations worldwide in order to continue the profitable war-related businesses that they have carried on for more than a hundred years.


In the midst of an unprecedented government crisis, the only thing apparent for now is that the great American empire is in sharp decline and that its root cause, as it has been in the history of all empires, is that the empowerment of an elite leads to major failures in all existing institutions, existing laws cease to function and the state’s relations with the outside world are weakened or come to an end.


The only thing left from empires is their fundamental myths that persist many centuries later: the English still think that there should forever be a single divinely inspired political power, the French still believe that freedom of thought and equality between human beings are the basis of good government, the Russians continue to believe that their political ideas are infallible and eternal, while Americans still believe that the God of truth and money gave them the right to dictate to the whole world the political and religious path they should follow.


I cannot identify the living myths of the Chinese, Hindus, Arabs, and the African and Eastern nations, as they have all come to us through the prejudiced vision of the West. But they will soon come to light when digital language takes over all the knowledge that has existed throughout history as well as prehistory, since nothing can be hidden in the current digital world.


Addendum: The political and social phenomena now taking place in the Western world indicate, without exception, that its political and economic model is in decline. But each country is defending its old myths: the French are looking for a new state model, doing away with ideology, the English want there to be only one conservative party and the Americans want white Anglo-Saxons to expel from their country all those who do not belong to their race.