France, World Political Leader

France, World Political Leader

Written by Alfonso Elizondo



Macron’s indisputable win in the recent French presidential elections is a clear sign that two hundred years after history’s first secular state created by Napoleon I, this nation has once again come to lead the Western world in using representative democracy as a fundamental basis for the formation of the Modern State, where the basic rights of the individual, such as freedom of thought and equal rights, are preserved. There is remarkable progress in the acceptance of all existing ideologies, as well as in the creation of new formulas for doing politics without military and police force, partisanship, religious mythologies or the diverse ideologies that arose out of the French Revolution, Freemasonry, Marxism and  Fascism.


We have this unusual situation of someone very young, with university training in philosophy, having been elected President of France. He has not been active in politics, was invited to be a part of the Government of President Hollande in the Ministry for the Economy and Finance, and formed his own  political organization just over a year ago with a few of his university friends. This is a clear sign that all those ideas arising out of the US elections about a return to the nation-state, the triumph of populism and an increase in racial prejudice and discrimination against the poor will be pushed back and perhaps forgotten,.


This political phenomenon in France is completely different from what happened in the US, where a comedian from a television show managed to split the electorate using the same methods he used over the last forty years based on telling lies, changing his mind constantly, always oblivious to reality and with the well-founded belief that human beings always forget events of the recent past very quickly. So in a world without memory, one can easily be deceived and get the material benefits and the desired popularity without having clear ideas on anything except personal benefit and the benefit of a small group of friends and family.


Macron’s victory has not led to a divided France as happened in the United States with Trump’s win; instead it is opening up  a variety of enormous opportunities for political activity, for different economic formulas from the current ones and for a new type of peaceful society where the relations between its citizens are built on mutual tolerance and on the search for new activities to generate jobs for all the people living in France, regardless of their ethnicity or their cultural or religious myths.


For the time being, everything is being done peacefully and the host of different political groups have unconditionally accepted Macron, and so the political, economic and cultural unity fostered by the European Union will prevail, Britain’s exit from the EU will be made difficult  and will come at a high economic and political cost, the flow of migrants from Africa and the Middle East to Europe will be controlled, agreements will be reached in Turkey, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, the countries off the coast of Arabia, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and with the countries that were part of the Soviet Union, towards both the Ural Mountains and the Black Sea. So it is very likely that a period of peace will be created throughout the Middle East, in the Arab countries and in the revived Silk Road from London to Beijing through Africa. The only problem remaining without a solution will be the problem of Israel’s alliance with the US; but that is now of less importance.


It will be very difficult for the ‘old Pentagon hawks’ and the evil military leaders who invented wars in distant lands and other continents to start operating again because now they are powerless and have no money after all the mistakes made in all the regions of the Middle and Far East that left the Fed bankrupt. In the meantime, China is gradually taking control of military and economic geopolitics globally, with its adoption of new scientific principles, such as the use of clean energy, the development of new technologies for food production, new media and a new general moral conscience, replacing military invasions with a new approach to invading a country, which involves the movement of large capital investments to all regions of the world.


It is very difficult to estimate how long this new period of universal peace that is just beginning will last, but there is no doubt that this political event in France has completely changed the direction of the world today, for the good of everyone.


Addendum: In another few days or weeks, new political proposals will come from the legislators chosen by the new President and then we will get an idea of where European society will be heading, with a totally new political apparatus that has no enemies and tolerates all kinds of ideas.