Overview of the New World Order

Overview of the New World Order

Written by Alfonso Elizondo 


If we look at the main events in the world since the beginning of the 21st century, it is possible to formulate some hypotheses about what will happen in the immediate future, although all matters related to the environment in terms of climate, geology and spatial chaos are totally unpredictable and something may develop immediately or be delayed for centuries. So I will settle for pointing out those that are related to trade, food resources, energy, high-value minerals, finance, foreign exchange instruments, printed money not backed by assets, services or savings, and obviously the struggle for world supremacy between two major empires: China and the United States with their respective allies.


1. Military supremacy: Everything makes it seem that the de facto bankruptcy of the vast majority of the major world powers will lead to global coexistence without major confrontations, although the United States continues to think of continuing in the business of planned wars that it started after World War II for the benefit of a few billionaire scoundrels and the bunch of hawks, mercenaries and creators of state terrorism.


2. Trade routes: With the creation of the 3 new trade routes from China to the West and the one that goes to Australia, there is no doubt that China will control world trade in a few years.


3. Financing: In this area too China is taking global control, since much of the wealth it has generated over the last 30 years has not gone into the hands of a few millionaires, as has happened in the countries of the West, but has been used to finance and control the weak countries that are on its trade routes that are already in operation and those that it is just developing.


4. US partnership with Israel: Although little is known about the reason for this partnership which comes at a very high cost to the United States, the fact is that, in essence, the Broader Middle East is the theater that partially feeds the US weapons industry, with Saudi Arabia being the largest buyer of US weapons in its history, while the permanent occupation of the Palestinian territories by the Israelis gives them the necessary elements to feed the Jewish empire with the money and securities held in the large banking consortiums, and with speculative stocks and securities ​​in New York.


5.- The collapse of the European Union: It is very likely that after the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union the breakup of the EU will take place in a few years, because with the exception of Germany, no European country has the productive capacity to sustain  the financial apparatus of the European Union and to cover all the huge costs of the migration from the Middle East, Africa and the poorest Asian countries such as Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and almost all the countries that broke away from the Soviet Union when its empire collapsed in the late 1980s.


6. Germany will be the new leader of the West and it has already taken the place of the United States in both the productive economy and finance. So it will also have to seek control of Mexico, Central America and some countries of South America with high levels of natural resources, agricultural production and energy.


7. Other Chinese resources that remain hidden: One of China’s most incredible resources is methane ice which, according to China’s official newspaper, is several times more than all the world’s hydrocarbon resources. Another resource is the huge amount of accumulated metallic gold that is higher than the total for all the countries in the world. And the last action of the government of Xi Jinping is to save Argentina from total bankruptcy, financing it with a 100-year loan in order to take over almost all its vast territory and its immense resources.


8. As we know, India has already surpassed China’s population, and because of its unusual view of the world which accepts forever any social and economic order that may have come down from their ancestors, it has become a peaceful moderator of global demographics, especially with its ‘smart cities’ where residents are responsible for financing all their services, and which allow for the development of large consortiums that provide employment for millions of people of the same ethnic group.


Addendum: The whole world is going through an enigmatic period of change in all areas: from the most primitive paradigms of transferring power through divine action, to excluding women from political life, to hiding autocracy under the use of the democracy, to turning the bureaucracy into the real government of the working classes and changing fundamental concepts of basic education, religion, the traditional family and the belief that there were only two human sexes: male and female.

This is something that is happening right now, which the vast majority of people cannot perceive.