New Technologies (III)


New Technologies (III)

Written by Alfonso Elizondo



Among the first solutions found by current SMEs are the Marketing and Sales processes that control and attract customers.

According to Bain, the American consultant, companies lose or gain more than half of their customers every five years. So if the number of customers lost each year is reduced by 5%, profits can double, since it costs less to retain customers. Old customers tend to make larger purchases and almost never attach importance to price, while new ones do.

Another element of the new marketing are ‘promotions’ which is a way to make a profit in the short term. And another way is Viral Marketing that encourages people to pass on a promotional email to others.

Yet another is permission marketing where the company invites its customers to receive information about its business following very simple rules:

1.- Customer capture (opt in)

2.- Customer falloff (opt out)

3.- Communication of true value

4.- Reasonable costs

5.- Customer Service

6.- Appropriate customer service technology.