Migrations to Europe

The current migration wave of the greater Middle East to Europe and Africa did not have that magnitude since the Second World War. Nevertheless, its origins are totally different, even though all media of West, without exception, intended to explain them by the conflicts caused by civil war in Syria, by “jihad” actions in all regions around Europe and the expansionist aspirations of Russia in the Ukraine territories.

But the analysis made by autonomous agencies such as UNHCR (United Nation Refugee Agency), exposes the complexity of this migratory phenomenon, since more than 800 thousand migrants towards Europe more than double of the 300 thousand from Syrian conflict and most come from Sub-Saharan Africa and other African nations as Eritrea and Nigeria, whose original settlers were displaced from their lands by acquisitions made by American and German companies dedicated to transgenic production for hydrocarbons production, particularly “biodiesel.”

It is very difficult to understand the attitude of the Western countries and even Arabian countries, because it is an enigmatic combination between the indifference and hypocrisy. It is not credible that the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and the President of the United States, Barak Obama, be ignorant of investment in Ukrainian and African farmland from their macro companies which produce transgenic and it is not credible that both nations think possible to hide their evil purposes of controlling the main sources of food and energy to digital world.

It is seems a bad taste comedy that Angela Merkel has already raised, for the meeting of Sept 14 with the other nations of EU, the indispensable condition of “burden-sharing” and if EU fails in its attempt to provide solutions to the migrants wave, the 28 States run the risk of breaking the main link that now joins Europe which are Universal Human Rights. In spite of Merkel’s threat, East European block led by Hungary, Poland, and Czech Republic just firmly reject again the refuge plan of Western block, because they are living in very precarious conditions and cannot take part of such project.

On facts, the old Europe is dying of old age. It urgently needs workers, students and persons living, working, consuming, and sustaining a system near of total collapse. Europe needs workers and workforce of all types, since right now I is paralyzed despite it is one of the most dynamic region in the world. The problem will get worse in the next months and years. Nothing stops poverty and hunger: neither wire fence nor extreme police measures.

On the other hand, Middle East is a powder keg full of hat, wars, violence, and terrorism. The Maghreb is a shadow of its former self and its famous Arabian springs are continue undercover with the same authoritarianism or despotism. While Ukraine and permanent vehemence of Russia provoke immigrants wave and Balkans remain immersed in economic and social standstill paralyze them and although they are candidates to become members of the EU in the near future it does not seem they will react.

Paradoxically, as Europe ages and the migration flows of young people do not give up, the answer is xenophobia, denial, exclusion, and expulsion to those who come from abroad. While strengthen extreme right parties and demagogic populism of some leaders building walls and wire fences against migrants that generate the applause of the majority. Actually Europe requires hundreds of thousands of immigrants in order to ensure and develop its current economy system and social welfare.

But there are no ideas and courage so that immigrant is not conceived as a threat or as a person who will leave the nationals without job sources. The Europe of the immediate future needs those immigrants, but unfortunately the human mafias lack of compassion and feelings and nothing will happen of Europeans continue looking toward the side of indifference arrogance, and pride.

Pope Francis’s attitude is no less distracted and unrealistic, who wants to mobilize Europe facing the migration problem and it is not only a part of them. According to Federico Lombardi, official spokesperson, Pope wants whole catholic community in Europe encourages loving hospitality process for those fleeing the war. Lombardi also explained that Pontiff call for “every parish, every monastery, every sanctuary, and religious community” to take in a refugee family.

Pope call – Lombardi says- is to solidarity and to creative and generous response that comes from the heart of the Pope in the context of preparation for the Jubilee of Mercy, where through the works and not a default operational plan should be done. Lombardi also said, Pope announced that two parishes which are in the Vatican, Church of Saint Anne and St. Peter’s Basilica, each will be the first to take in a refugee family. Then, the Pope added, “Dear religious, empty convents are not ours, they are for the flesh of Christ which is what refugees are. This of course is not something simple, it requires a criterion, responsibility, and courage.”

Despite the speech of the Pope, Cardinal Peter Erdö Archbishop of Esztergom, said the church of his country cannot respond to a call by the pope, because attending the migrants “could be considered as illegal, as human trafficking.”

Addendum: Just a comment that confirms the existence of humans with moral conscience. Yesterday, in Iceland it was announced, a country of 331,000 people- 11,000 families have offered to provide free shelter in houses in which they reside indefinitely to immigrants, without any ethnic status or economic or educational level.