Make America ‘WHITE’ Again

Make America ‘WHITE’ Again

Written by Alfonso Elizondo


Changing one of the words in the primary slogan of US President-elect, Donald Trump, will make it possible to more clearly understand the cultural phenomenon that is now happening in the West, and particularly in Europe and North America. The vast majority of those who handle the news media seek to interpret the slogan in Trump’s election campaign as a kind of economic and financial plan for America to get out of the current globalization process and return to being a nation locked within the physical borders of its existing territories and those of some of its colonies, so that all the tax revenues of the Government will be spent on national infrastructure, the various official state institutions and the financing of national enterprises that can generate more jobs and wealth for the country.


Despite the undeniable presence of this old vision of reality in the mass media and the traditional press worldwide, in actuality everything is totally different, for what Trump is trying to do is not to implement an economic and political plan to improve the living standard of Americans and their ethnic counterparts in Europe, but to enable the whole world to once again allow a new group of Anglo-Saxon whites with billions in income and old hawks to replace the Davos group that ruled the World for just over 100 years, as the only possibility for achieving proper management of human society as a whole. It is of no importance that there is a large and growing number of people in the world who live in precarious conditions and that the situation of the existing middle class household continues to deteriorate, their social, educational, health and safety levels are still falling, not to mention the two macro population groups (China and India) that make up more than 70% of the global population.


Trump’s neo-fascist plan is very likely to succeed in the short term because all the information he has provided so far is false and he has perversely hidden official figures that clearly show that the income of Americans, their level of social life and standard of health, education, average life expectancy and public safety have not deteriorated. But since these figures and data have never been of interest to most citizens, a huge social problem will explode as soon as it is actually seen that the personal income, average life expectancy, health, and social status of Americans and of the majority of Europe’s citizens have reached their lowest levels, as happened at the beginning of the 20th century.


Perhaps the main aspect of this erroneous view of the world is how long Trump will be able to conceal his evil plan, which is not really a plan, since it is only a personal vision of the world that reflects his pathetic ignorance coupled with his various types of neurological diseases that unfortunately can be hidden quite easily with the use of social networks and with reality shows that have completely displaced genuine information about what is happening in the world and also in the realm of the everyday life of the vast majority of the citizens of the West and of the whole world.


Other important aspects of this cultural phenomenon that has already begun are the participation of the new major world powers, such as China, India and Russia, as well as the powerful European nations that will most certainly participate in the new world order, not only in commercial, monetary and financial matters, but also in the strategy of transnational, planned wars that have been the common denominator of world history for just over the last two hundred years, from the heyday of the French and British Empires and finally that of the great United States empire that is now in full decline.


If an unfortunate event leading to a worldwide conflagration does not occur, I believe that the Trump government will not survive beyond two years, during which time the support of many of the American citizens who voted for him will collapse and they will come up against their fellow citizens who hold different political views and thus they will initiate the final debacle of North America.


Addendum: On the other hand, the alliance between China and Russia will not be able to wait for long without them getting their current sources of income up and running: its various trade and economic corridors, in the case of China, and the sale of hydrocarbons and military equipment, in the case of Russia.


It cannot be ignored that the whole world today is full of disputes of all kinds, including climate-related issues and issues related to very radical religions, and therefore Planet Earth could come to an explosive apocalyptic end at any moment.