End of the US Empire

End of the US Empire

Written by Alfonso Elizondo


The collapse of all the empires of humankind has always stemmed from internal causes. Right now in the United States a series of events is taking place that indicate that the great state that has been world leader for the last hundred years has gone into full decline. At present, its bureaucratic system is adrift without a senior leader who is able to guide it. The same thing has happened with the military system, where there is total chaos, with official espionage apparatuses such as the FBI and the CIA, with the legislative system, with the judicial system, with all law firms and with all State apparatuses responsible for social life, control of health, education and the country’s commercial, financial and monetary operations.


Jeff Sessions, who was the alleged political adviser to President Trump, has taken an uncertain direction and has completely lost all the respect of the leaders operating in the current administration. Secretary of State Tillerson does not have the slightest control over the Pentagon, in addition to the fact that he lacks the tiniest sense of diplomacy and the personality that is indispensable for negotiating with other world leaders. President Trump’s constant blunders and lies have alienated him from the national political leadership and he seems interested only in increasing his personal wealth and that of his family and friends. So he has lost all the support he obtained during his presidential campaign and is now just a television clown and an expert in bullying and creating ambiguous and controversial scenarios.


The incident a few days ago in a small town in the state of Virginia, where there were clashes involving extreme right-wing factions, such as the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis and radical groups espousing the ethnic superiority of Anglo Saxons, is an indication that the same breakdown will occur in many other parts of the country, given that the American nation was formed by many different ethnic groups and its foundational myths came into being when it was a rural society of migrants from England and members of the Freemasons; a society in which the aboriginal ethnic groups were despised and considered natural slaves. The reality is that the upper and middle classes have never changed that xenophobic, narcissistic and messianic view of the world up to present times, believing that they are still masters of truth, power and wealth by divine design.


If you add to these serious internal problems the different elements of the apocalyptic crisis that now exists all over the world, in addition to the leadership imposed by China, India and Russia, the reality is that very soon the United States will collapse and a new plural world order will emerge, although it is obvious that Americans will be the last to realize that they are in total decline, as has always happened with all the great Empires.


Fortunately, in spite of all the conflicts appearing in all regions of the world today, the restructuring of a new world order will be peaceful, because all the world’s major military powers have exhausted their financial resources and their public debt has far exceeded their GDP, equalling, doubling or tripling their annual income in some cases, such as Japan, England and the United States. At the same time, the weapons, energy and drug companies are creating a new world where the currency in circulation is vastly greater than that which is based on savings and real estate, to the extent that it is now estimated that this circulating currency is close to ten times the total sum of all the world’s GDPs.


What the agencies that control the issuing of money in the United States, England and Germany have been doing is deferring the problem and maintaining interest rates that are really ridiculous, using this to acquire capital to invest in their own businesses. As a result, the explosion of that situation will be imminent sooner or later, bringing about a real financial, monetary and political apocalypse that will translate into an unprecedented global recession.


Addendum: In fact, China, India and Russia have already taken over the trade, energy and financial routes of much of the world with different strategies and visions of the world. And there is no doubt that the United States, England and Japan will be the three nations that will be most affected by the new world order that is now in operation.