Disappearing Ice (II)

Disappearing Ice (II)

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

This phenomenon may explain the gradual disappearance of ice on Planet Earth, but it is still not known why the Arctic Oscillation has been blocked, although some scientists believe that the disappearance of the ozone layer and the high concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere explain these disturbances in the Arctic cycle.


The most serious thing is that the more the ice disappears, the more the heat increases, because ice reflects 80% of the light of the Sun and returns the heat it generates to space. On the other hand, water absorbs 80% of this solar energy and therefore the Arctic Ocean becomes warm and, in turn, melts more ice. And this constitutes what is called the ‘new Arctic circle’.


It is very likely that the ice levels found in the Arctic this summer are the lowest since the 1950s and even in several centuries, according to the opinion of some scientists specializing in this subject.


These researchers believe that the change that is now happening in the Arctic can accelerate the rise in sea levels. They estimate that for each degree (F) increase in temperature, sea levels could rise by 10%. Currently, the oceans are rising an inch every 10 years due to the global temperature.


As a result, there are those who believe that current climate change could prevent the next Ice Age.


Addendum: Although this phenomenon is being observed all over the world and includes the entire solar planetary system and our galaxy, there are political leaders in office who regard all this as a conspiracy to obtain more power and more material goods by a few scoundrels who have always wanted to control the world since the time of the Lower Paleolithic.