The spread of information regarding the presidential elections in the United States next November done by the mass media and hypermedia ishavinga profound effect and raising questions regarding the electoral mechanisms used by the Americans, especially regarding the complexity and the use of outdated political models in the reality of a new digital world where words have no meaning, while images and statistical figures are dominating the world.


Thereis also no doubt that at the time of the establishment of the federative democracy of the United States almost two hundred years ago, in a time dominated by creationism, freemasonry and some slight residue of the Enlightenment in ruralareassupported by slaves, these elections were very realistic and effective.But nowadays they seem not only ineffective, but also carrying some degree of theatrical comedy and as an orgasm of nostalgia.


Nor it is possible to question the resounding success obtained for more than a century by a misinformed worldview of the English settlers who came to America.Even though we cannot forget that they destroyed all cultures, myths and works of art that existed in the conquered territory and carried out ​​a massive slaughter of the Aboriginal tribes who showed some degree of resistance to the invasion of foreign newcomers. To date they still believe their myths, their religious beliefs and legal regulations are valid and ad aeternum.


As it happened with all the great empires of human civilization, the first element that has allowed themtolast so long has been the development of a regulation that allows their political, social, religious and economic leaders to exert their dominance with the least violence possible and to hold onto such regulations to support their military and police forces.In the particular case of the United States and most Western countries, such regulation was copied from Roman law and dotted with mild religious overtones coming from modified visions of the early European feudalism, the various ecclesial branches of the Christian religion and Freemasonry.


Another important element that contributed tothesuccess and territorial cohesion and economic growth of the American empire has been the belief that come from a superior ethnic group that has been the chosen one by his God – that is the reason – to tell the rest of the world the way forward.This is also represented bythe female angel symbolizing freedom of thought and expression for the ethnic groups with white skin of certain nations in theWest.


But thereisno doubt that the fundamental elements of great development of the American empire correspond to certain character and behavior traits of its founders that were inherited and passed down to the current population: tenacity, the permanent search to overcome economic status, punctuality and a vision of the world from a deeply individualistic perspective that has never accepted ideological concepts coming from scientific analysis or other mythological or religious cultures otherthan those of the Quakers, Freemasons or Jews.In fact the average American thinks their personal life and their worldview should be untouchable, so some virtues such as generosity, brotherhood, philanthropy and artistic production in general are foreign to the vast majority of Americans.


All these elements of political, social and religious culture of the United States are crumbling down now, as the empire is in decline and other cultures have raised, such as China, India and Russia, who have become part the new world order.Regardless of who will achieve presidential power in the United States, their performance will be limited by the territorial, economic and financial restructuring that are developing new great powers and multinational corporations who are now the real owners of world trade.


Another situation of global nature that result from this electoral process intheUnited States will be a struggle for territorial control and basic materials among the major world powers which will depend heavily on the intelligence of political leaders and their ability to form strategic alliances with the most important nations.Perhaps the best person to exercise the presidency in the United States is Hilary Clinton due to her vast international experience and her connections with the circle of big Wall Street financiers and what’s left of the neo liberalism in the Davos Forum.


With regard to the internal policy of the United States, these elections are signaling the end of the Republican Party and the possible creation of a newless awkward and less ambitious conservative political group, while giving encouragement totheDemocratic Party which will continuetodominate foralong time.


Addendum: With regards to the situation in Mexico, there’s a difficult paradox that has to be assimilated, because finally our country will become an American colony from a legal point of view, as all its wealth will be transferred tothepower of the United States and to a few Mexican traitors who got hold of companies, territories and assets that half a century ago led to consider Mexico the ‘miracle of America’.

Although Pemex, CFE, AHMSA, Mittal are disappearing and rural land are controlled by foreign GM companies and drug cartels, Mexico will grow its tourist and handicraft industry providing millions of jobs to the poor, as well as the automotive industry to supply the US market which still remains the world’s largest one.