Decline of the Western Political Model

There are many factors that came into play to cause the decline of the model of federal republican democracy that began to be established in Europe and then in America in the late eighteenth century. Although the French Empire was the real designer of this political model which created public officials, allegedly representing the interests of all sectors of the population and elected through a democratic process, collectivist culture has turned it into a kind of political model that no one tries to question.

There is no denying that this political model, devised by the great thinkers of the eighteenth-century French aristocracy included a high content of moral consciousness and freedom of thought for the human individual, but it was essentially a mechanism that allowed the incumbent monarch to do what he wanted, without having to worry about controlling the popular classes and factions that disagreed with his actions. In fact, it was the then French monarch, Napoleon I, who created that original model where the people had political power which they in turn handed over to their representatives.
In a completely arbitrary manner, this political model was introduced in the United States before it was in France, because the high aristocracy in France created an alliance with the forces of political liberation in the United States who were trying to throw off the British yoke and who were led by major politicians such as Washington, Franklin, Emerson and Manning, although the final touch was added by President Abraham Lincoln when he declared the abolition of slavery for the first time in the history of the world.
At that historical moment, Mexico owned most of the land of the neighboring country controlled by the English, and so its political leaders, who belonged to Spain’s ecclesiastical aristocracy, saw this political movement as a great opportunity to get rid of the supremacy France had established in Spain by supporting the liberation movement in the United States. The aim of the Mexican independence movement led by the priest Hidalgo was therefore to liberate Spain from the monarch that Napoleon I had imposed on them and not to free Mexico from Spain, as evidenced by the documents that can still be found at the University of Texas – Pan Am at Edinburg.

Undoubtedly, the political system promoted by the great Freemason liberals in the US was a resounding success and for more than two hundred and fifty years enabled the development of the world’s most powerful empire and created a large, impressive middle class that benefited many US families. And incidentally it led to the emergence of a Mexican middle class supported by the substantial investment in business, tourism and services made by the Americans beginning in the 1960s.  The members of our generation (1940-1950) were the main beneficiaries of this investment because despite the general poverty of the country we managed to go to University and settle at a middle class level with higher incomes than the average population.

The political system which is still trying to function in Mexico was created by Lázaro Cárdenas who integrated the many indigenous ethnic groups through a literacy program in which teachers from the most diverse ethnic groups were used to teach the fundamental principles of Western primary education in the Spanish language to a large number of natives. This native population submitted totally to the one-party political model implemented by Cardenas and gave birth to a people with their own personality and a unique talent for their popular culture and manual arts coming down from their Olmec, Teotihuacán and Mayan ancestors and ancestors from more recent ethnic groups like the Purépecha, Toltecs and Aztecs.

As a result of the new political system, the successors of the revolutionary leaders began to take political and economic control of the country in the generation of the seventies, creating a system of special privileges for this Mexican elite, who not only inherited public office, but proceeded to appropriate all the land, natural resources and public services belonging to the country. Moreover, American ideology and culture were instilled in the minds of that entire generation, reaching a peak in the late eighties when Washington appointed itself as the supreme economic and military power in the world. This situation now seems to have come to an end.

Right now, not only Mexico, but the entire Western world is facing an unprecedented situation where the elite super millionaires who control political and economic power are in crisis because of two fundamental facts: the money that they print and circulate throughout the globalized business world has exceeded the demand for purchases in almost all societies worldwide, and so all that money has ended up in tax havens or the criminal economy. In the meantime, a new world order is emerging, not only in the areas of finance, money and the mass media, but also in other basic areas such as the social, educational, economic, religious and cultural domains.

Addendum: A crisis similar to the one that now seems destined to cause Mexico to collapse is occurring in the United States, in France, England, Germany Holland and Japan. At the same time there is a worsening of the condition of the working classes in Italy, Spain, Ireland, Scotland and Greece who are fleeing the poor countries of Eastern Europe and most African territories that have been occupied by transnational companies that produce genetically modified food thereby stripping the indigenous peoples of their only means of survival.