Current Monarchies

Current Monarchies

Written by Alfonso Elizondo


We are living in a critical stage of human society where trade wars between the great powers have intensified. They have ramped up the fight for possession of territories using the basic raw materials of new technologies. Rifts between nations have grown due to ethnic reasons, cultural differences and different myths. In addition, serious migration problems have arisen in Europe and the Middle East and the gap between poor and rich has been accentuated.


It is incredible that well into the 21st century (2019) there are still 44 monarchies worldwide, with the majority being European, mainly those left by the United Kingdom, those in the Arab countries, Japan and the Southeast Asia region extending from New Zealand and New Guinea to Australia.

Monarchies in Europe

1.- Andorra

2.- Belgium

3.- Denmark

4.- Spain

5.- Liechtenstein

6.- Luxembourg

7.- Malta

8.- Monaco

9.- The Netherlands

10.- United Kingdom

11.- Sweden

Monarchies in America

1.- Antigua and Barbuda

2.- Bahamas

3.- Barbados

4.- Belize

5.- Canada

6.- Grenada

7.- Jamaica

8.- St. Kitts Nevis

9.- St. Vincent and the Grenadines

10.- St. Lucia

Monarchies in Asia

1.- Saudi Arabia

2.- Bahrain

3.- Brunei

4.- Bhutan

5.- Cambodia

6.- Qatar

7.- United Arab Emirates

8.- Japan

9.- Jordan

10.- Kuwait

11.- Malaysia

12.- Oman


Monarchies in Africa

1.- Lesotho

2.- Morocco

3.- Swaziland

Monarchies in Oceania

1.- Australia

2.- Solomon Islands

3.- New Zealand

4.- Papua New Guinea

5.- Tonga

6.- Tuvalu

According to the Dictionary of the Spanish Language, the monarchy is a State Organization in which supreme leadership and representation are exercised by a person with the title of King, who has received power through heredity and can transmit it in the same way.

Addendum: The above data illustrate an unprecedented situation in the history of mankind as it is clear that the majority of the surviving kingdoms were colonies of the British, caliphates of the Arab countries, legacies of Japan or new territories financed by the Chinese in their New Silk Routes that cross all of Asia and Africa to reach Europe. And, in a case of history repeating itself, the empires of Russia, Turkey, Iran and Israel are emerging as absolute dictatorships through the sale of next-generation weapons and energy.