China Seen From Inside

China Seen From Inside

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

All that is known about China in the West is what is allowed by its autocracy, based on an outdated version of its Communist Party that is disseminated within China and to the rest of the world through Xinhua, which is the only existing source of information.

Fortunately, just a few months ago a new journalistic source appeared from inside and it comes from a brilliant South African-born journalist who has been living in China for more than 10 years. He is married to a Chinese woman, so he speaks and writes Chinese, works for a YouTube agency and lives in the ultramodern city of Shentzen, which is located on the south-western coast of China and is a neighbor of Hong Kong.

Stertzel’s videos show the harsh reality of China’s middle and lower classes, where there is still no sanitation, hygiene, control of bullying gangs, murderers and thieves, and none of the basic laws required for the functioning of a state.

Stertzel shows in his videos that the vast majority of Chinese almost never bathe, usually urinate and defecate in the streets and feel no concern for their compatriots, or for those who have major problems of survival, health and everything else.

Addendum: To get an idea of ​​what Stertzel is doing in China, you can go to YouTube and look for the videos Winston Stertzel is making right now.