Towards The New Paradigms

Towards New Paradigms

Written by Alfonso Elizondo



Since the appearance of the first groups of sedentary human beings, stories and myths were created that in different ways expressed their mentality and their moral consciousness, however diverse their ethnic groups and the location of the territories where they lived. From the moment the first homo sapiens left the caves where they lived in complex communities that were home to several families, and their members of the masculine gender left them in search of basic foods, a new stage of human society began, where, apart from the basic weapons to hunt the animals that provided them with daily sustenance, the man had to create other tools for finding their way, for storing and preparing their food, for some basic health remedies, clothing, transportation and some essential security measures.


This entire primitive stage changed radically when agriculture emerged along with livestock farming and with this the right to own private property and to bequeath it to their relatives. These are now the two basic elements of the violence and the persistence of wars in all areas of the Planet.


Moreover, it is obvious that Humanity has been able to do little or nothing in this regard because, according to the most advanced anthropological, biological and neurological studies in the world today, generosity, freedom and a sense of fairness are values that are very alien to the individualism with its envy and hatred that is natural to all human beings today.


Humanity has been through all kinds of climate-related experiences and changes in the directions of the galaxies that have modified the geology and the events that occur on the surface of the earth and in the subsoil, in addition to the self-preserving behavior of human beings. From the first nomads who lived in caves, in the middle of the desert or in Eskimo huts, to the human groups that built major countries and cities, human beings have not changed neurologically, and the worst behaviors still prevail in their brains: violence, revenge, hatred, messianism, xenophobia, narcissism, misogyny and the ability to create enemies wherever they go.


It seems incredible that at the moment there are religious and political groups that want to physically eliminate those who are not like them. It is difficult to accept that after thousands of years the nature of the human being has still not allowed him to have a cordial relationship with his fellow human beings by simply upholding certain basic rules and agreements.


At the moment, the human race is going through a terrible phase of conflicts of all kinds, stemming largely from the fact that old religious, political, social and cultural myths have been heightened by the failure to understand that humanity has to evolve in tandem with science and technology. The human being cannot and should not remain stuck forever in a myth from the past. It has not been possible for him to understand that the different stages that industry, banking, trade, economics and even social customs have passed through must be transcended and updated very often so that the world can live in peace.


Addendum: Unfortunately, today’s world is led by top political leaders like Trump and Netanyahou who live in the past, stupidly believing that they can restore the glory days their countries had in the past. At the same time there are other old-fashioned political leaders, like the Prime Ministers of England and Germany, who still think that the whole world will not be able to do without them and their countries.


Another part of the current serious world crisis is created by leaders of various nations in the world today, such as Turkey, Syria, Iran and ISIS, plus other leaders who have not been able to overcome their national identity crises and who think that now is the time to rescue their old ideas about the institutionalization of their national myths. These nations include Japan, Russia, China, India and several regions in Southeast Asia. Taking a different route are the former great empires like France and Italy that are complicating the current situation even more.


The truth is that nobody knows for sure what is going to happen after this current global crisis, and where the new individual paradigms will lead because the present itself and the immediate future are a core part of this reality in which we are living and we human beings are not able to perceive it.