The New Geopolitical Essay

The New Geopolitical Essay

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

In the current era, the essay as a genre has returned to almost all subjects of interest in human society, since readers today lack the ability to assimilate big stories that contain more than a thousand words. The subject of this essay is geopolitics in today’s world because of the great chaos created by the emergence of several world powers with nuclear weapons, the new method of colonizing in the search for raw materials and basic foods, in addition to the great crisis caused by the trade and diplomatic war between the two largest economies on the Planet: the United States and China.


Although a brief analysis of the history of humanity conducted by great geniuses indicates that all animal species always live with internal conflicts for both the preservation and the control of the species, the truth is that right now in the 21st century we are going through a period of transition in which the human species is apparently going to radically change its way of living its domestic, family and public life.


In different ways, all the great thinkers of our time agree on this hypothesis about the profound change that is beginning to take place with the shift in the path of the planets in the solar system, the rapid change in the climate system, totally unexpected movements in the tectonic plates that are causing significant increases in the temperature of the planet, major coastal land loss by the invasion of ocean water and the increasing disappearance of all the flora and fauna in the world today, which could annihilate the human species in a few years.


Conclusion: This hypothesis is based on scientific facts provided by the transnational organizations and institutions that are experts on the matter. Moreover, this process is being accelerated by the presence of the world’s major political leaders, such as Trump, Angela Merkel, Theresa May, Macron and Bolsonaro who, in addition to still living in the past, are hindering the natural progress of humanity.